“Stepping Into The Dark” By David Lucas

I am a member of a couple of groups on facebook about guide dogs. One of the guys published his book “Stepping into the dark”. He posted it in the “docs” section of one particular group one day. I wasn’t sure if i would read it, but decided to give it a go one day.

“Stepping into the dark” as you can guess is about a man learning how to cope after losing his sight. It talks about how he had been visually impaired since childhood, but that his sight got worse over time. Instead of it being like a pity party, the book dealt with the hard facts. The author talks about attitudes around him, and how when he was a child he got called “Cross eyed clarance” by kids and teachers in school.

The author doesn’t sugarcoat things and says exactly how he feels both as a child, and when he had to register with his social services department as partially sighted.

The author explains his feelings on getting a guide dog, and the anger he felt when the idea was put to him.

The guy talks about much more besides, but i don’t know how much i could write about it without giving parts away.

When i had only finished the first 6 chapters, i had to email the author to explain my feelings. Most of that email was “Wow”! or words to that effect. I had to open a microsoft word document to write down my feelings on each chapter. The book made me examine my own feelings, and how i seemed to people. It also made me write about my feelings towards a cane, and how when i was 12 i thought you just had to do it.

I found myself being totally shocked at the attitudes of people, and i’m sad to say while it has got a little better, it still is a long way off being perfect.

I think i’m starting to ramble now, but i would recommend reading this. I would advise you to write down any feelings you get from it as it is such a powerful book.

The author has said that he will add to the book to “bring it up to date” and he is talking about making an audio and E book version sometime in the near future i hope.

For anyone wanting a print book though, you can get it

I’m so glad i stuck with it even though i had to leave it between each read, but i wanted to read more if i did decided to read a chapter.

I’m not sure how to end this but i’ll say it is deffinetly worth a read.