An Old Problem Resurfaced

Back at the start of my partnership with Ushi, we had a time where she was
Quite alot. Well we have taken a little step back.

I started being able to work Ushi again on Wednesday. I decided to do the route to the shops since we hadn’t done it in ages and ages. It went swimmingly. We made it to the coffee shop, and got out of the centre. When we got out of the shopping centre, Ushi started to stop. I had to really get onto her to get her going. I even asked someone if something was blocking the pavement, but there was nothing there. Some kind lady even offered me a lift as she knew i wasn’t getting very far. I thought that was nice, but just explained that Ushi was just being a bit of a pain in the arse really.

I did eventually get her going, andonce I had got her going, she was grand. She also kept trying to pull across me, but there was nothing there, and she didn’t seem too distracted or anything.

Yesterday I went a little further into town after the coffee shop, thinking that maybe she didn’t want to go home, and that did stop the stopping a bit, but she still did it.

So I think we’ve taken quite a step back. I’m going to mention yet again to the team when they come out for aftercare (it was to be last Monday, but because there was black ice, we decided not to risk it.). I also want to mention how she isn’t getting into a down on lead. She does it off lead, but not on the long lead. It’s quite strange. I even tried the other day getting her under a table, but she just decided to sit there.

At least the stopping isn’t as bad as last time though but I still want to know what the craic is with that street outside the shopping centre.

I can’t wait to learn how to use the train with Ushi. I feel now like i’m just doing routes for the sake of it. I don’t really have a purpose for doing them.

Before I go, check in with
Digital Darragh
He has started training with his second guide dog, Ike. He is on his first week. He is training in Kork. He has done so much already compared to what we did in the first week! Good luck to him though.