Talks Problem….

As you know, I recently got the nokia E51 phone. Well it’s brilliant. I’ve just got a wee problem with Talks. It was working fine until earlier. I can’t turn off my phone, or unlock the keypad. It all started when i took a call. I handed it to my dad to talk to mum, and then when i got it, it won’t let me go into the menu. I pressed the end call button after my dad was finished, and the call had already ended. Could this be the problem? It’ll let me dial numbers, but i can’t actually use the talks key or go into the menus. We were outside at the time, so maybe could it have got rained on? It was only drizzling though. I’ also am thinking that was it maybe because my contract is being payed on monday? That wouldn’t effect it though.

Please help. Hope i haven’t done anything to make it not work. If you need any more info, let me know.