Snow Patrol At Tennants Vital

I meant to write this the other day but then yesterdays post had to be written.

Last Monday i think it was, my friend got an email with the words snow patrol in the subject. Snow Patrol had given Guide dogs along with 16 other charities tickets to their gig at
tennants vital
On the Thursday. Their only condition was that we had to be volunteers and give a donation to the charity. So me and my friend decided we’d go. We weren’t huge fans of Snow patrol but we had nothing else on and we just thought we’d go for the experience. We just had to email and say “I want these tickets” and we’d be in with a chance. We got an email the next day saying that we had the tickets which was class. I went to pick them up on Wednesday. What a palava that was. But that’s for another time.

On wednesday night we emailed the people at
MCD promotions
And told them that we were blind. However they only got back to us before we left on Thursday.

I phoned a local taxi company on the thursday and explained that we were two blind people going on our own and that traffic was being restricted in to the boucher road playing fields where the concert was being held. The taxi company then rang me back and we were given the best treatment. We were not only taken to the venue, but we were taken over to the security where we were asked if we would like to sit on the disabled viewing platform. I never would have used this as i never thought i needed it and i always felt we could sit anywhere. But i’m glad i took up the offer to sit there. We weren’t right in the middle so it wasn’t as loud although you still knew you were at a concert. We had plenty of leg room too.

Snow patrol weren’t on til 9 o’clock so we got to listen to Foy Vance which for some reason rings a bell even though i’ve never heard of them, and a band from down south called Quarter line or that was what it sounded like. They were good and it passed the evening quite well.

Snow patrol were amazing. They just enjoyed the craic and got in with the crowd letting them sing along to all the songs and not caring. It was brilliant. One song he dedicated to his dad too which was lovely.

The whole buzz of the night was great and even the food was very grand, and expensive! Festivals like this certainly bring in the money anyway. Unfortunately we had to wear these horrible paunchows which looked like bin bags shaped like coats as it totally chucked it down. I did feel sorry for the two ladies behind us who got totally drenched though. But as Snow Patrol said “You all came out even though it was pissing wet”. I loved that one.

When we left the crowd were cleared before we headed out. The police waited for us until our taxi came which was brilliant. Everyone couldn’t have been more helpful. We also found out about a scheme the oddisy do which is if you tell them you need an essential carer they get a free ticket to accompany you. So that’s worth bearing in mind i suppose not that i’d use it all the time. But still good to know.

I would like to thank Snow Patrol for doing what they did with the tickets and also to the tennants vital security and the taxi company.

Our girls stayed at home while we went and we had our canes for company.

It was a really good experience and i’m glad i went.