Tescos Collection

Yesterday and today i was collecting for guide dogs at our local Tescos store. We were meant to get a slot collecting last year but we didn’t get in on time, but the option this year was to do a bag pack or a collection. We chose the collection as we wouldn’t have enough volunteers for a bag pack, and i don’t know how a guide dog owner would pack bags and hold a dog and a collecting box. I think other branches can do it though.

There was a bit of a palava at the last fundraising meeting which was on Wednesday. I’ll not go into too much detail, but i have written about a woman who happens to be the treasurer before. Well they got very bitchy towards the branch organiser. They said that basically in the minutes each sentence didn’t have to start with the branch organiser’s name. (Yes it does, she is the branch organiser!). The branch organiser told us that we were collecting from 10 in the morning to 9 at night. We could then decide which times suited us. (More complaints about how the branch organiser was doing too much from the person).

There was much more than that but i don’t want to discuss it here. Let’s just say things got rather heated. None of us thought this was fair, and we thought it was very childish. It seemed to be totally just ganging up on the branch organiser. So needless to say we left feeling very angry at the amount of silly bitching that was going on.

Out of interest, how practical would it be for a totally blind person to run a branch? I’m not saying I will, but god knows what way things will turn out. If things continued, i would hate for our branch to fall apart. I’d like some experiences and advice on that just out of curiosity for the moment.

On to the collection itself…

Yesterday morning, I decided to do the 10 to 12 shift in the morning. We can only fundraise for two hours at a time with our dogs. It was quite busy for the time of day, and we got lots of interest. Unfortunately the weather was quite chilly for June. I was glad we were under a sort of porch part at the entrance. I did have a slightly odd experience though.

There was this random woman who came up to me and started hugging me and patting my back. I thought it was someone who knew me and they were just being friendly. The patting continued, and then she said something like “I know what it’s like for people suffering. God bless you”. I thought it was very very weird. It wasn’t just normal light pats either, it was like you would pat a baby if it had wind.

In the afternoon i decided to come down again as one of the volunteers had to leave early, and the branch organiser was on her own. I didn’t bring Ushi though as she can only work two hours at a time, and usually the once is enough for her.

We raised £727 yesterday.

Today i only did my shift which was in the morning again. Ushi was with me again and had a ball as usual. She has got the sad longing look down to a fine art now as there was a guy walking past us, but Ushi followed him with her eyes until he came in lol. There was a person who was chatting away and said to me when she finished that she was going shopping and would i like a bar of chocolate or a drink. I politely declined but thanked her for the kind offer. About half an hour later she came out with a big bar of Erro and told me to share it with my friend. I thanked her alot. I thought that was really kind.

I was amazed at how generous people were. Especially with times being hard for all charities. Some people put £10 in at a time! I think it was deffinetly a good idea that we did the two days. We raised over £1200 over the two days! So for this year we have raised over £5000! This has been since January! We’ve still got plenty more events to go.

Well done to everyone involved! I just hope by the next meeting things will be quieter in the branch and we can all behave like adults. Let’s hope that the year continues to go well money wise.

*Total raised was £15637*