The 8th ADBC:Marching To Your Own Drum

I was orriginally meant to be doing this round of the carnival, but i explained back at the start of the month that i couldn’t, or rather felt i didn’t have the time. (Can’t be bothered linking to that entry). Thankfully the
Ruled by paws crowd
(Check out their new home!) stepped in to save the day.

So the topic for this months carnival is “marching to your own drum” and the link for submissions is

So now that bit is taken care of, here’s my entry.

I had an idea from the start that Ushi would be quite a stubborn little girl. When i was training on class with her, she took three days to do a big busy because she didn’t like the concrete that she had to do it on. My instructor spent about 20 minutes that first night trying to see if she would go, but she just stood there.

She also decided she wouldn’t go onto her new bed that i baught her for quite a while. I had to bribe her with treats.

About a month after qualification with Ushi, she decided to just stop. I thought i had done something wrong but it was just Ushi being a bit of a madam. She still stops, or tries to, but i just tell her to get on with it.

When it rains, Ushi will try to walk me as close as she can to bushes and things so she doesn’t get her paws wet. It takes me about 10 minutes longer to get out of our estate because of it. One day she decided to walk me into a lamp post! Luckily the brim of my hat got it, but i wasn’t a happy bunny and made sure to let Ushi know that!

Ushi can be very determined sometimes, and is very keen to go places i don’t particularly want to go at that time! She will stand in front of me until i nearly have to push her over to get us onto the right track (of course i don’t actually push her).

I often say that i don’t think Ushi is a propper lab. She eats her food, but she doesn’t like to work for it (I had to give away a kong wobbler because she wouldn’t use it), and will only eat it if it is there. She gets bored of her toys quickly much to the annoyance of my pocket!

She doesn’t like walking over manhole covers, or anything metal.

She is deffinetly the queen of her castle here at home and knows it. She just walks around like she own the place.

Despite all her little quirks, I love having her and wouldn’t change her. She can be quite a chalenge sometimes though!

This has been my rather pulled together submission for the 8th assistance dog blog carnival. But i thought i’d give my readers a little insite into her little ways. (Most of you will already have read in detail about her personality but for anyone else, here she is).

Me working my dog Ushi in my local town.  This was used in our local paper.