The Script Number Three Arreena Tour

On Tuesday I went to the script at the oddisy. I saw the tickets when i was looking for something else, so dragged my sister along too lol.


I left Ushi with my uncles while we boogied away. We were sitting about a hundred yards or so from the stage. I braught the cane as i thought even though i was being guided, it might part the sea a bit. The security guards saw it and ushered us to the front of the queue. I normally don’t like using my blindness, but i thought it was nice of them to do that. The concert started at about half 6 but that was when the doors opened. The actual support act didn’t come on til about half 7. They were a dublin based band called Hudson taylor. They were good. They sung about 5 or 6 songs.


The script came on about 8 or that. Or maybe it was longer. They were absolutely amazing. I thought at the start that we wouldn’t hear them over the screaming fans, but we did. I couldn’t find a setlist but i think they sang:

The good old days

We cry

If you could see me now

Science and faith

I’m yours

Talk you down

The man who can’t be moved

Break even

If you ever come back

6 degrees of separation


Before the worst

For the first time

And You won’t feel a thing for the onkore.


They really love their drink! They said before one song “If we remember tonight we haven’t had a good time” or words to that effect. Before they played “Nothing” which is about being drunk, they asked someone to call their x. They then sang the song down the phone to them. I bet the woman who got called was really thrilled and probably went mad telling her friends that the script sang to her. That’s what i would do anyway lol. I didn’t think they were serious, but they were perfectly serious!


We got home at around 20 to 11. I got greated with a massive waggy tail and i was so glad she was so happy with my uncle. He was very nervous but i knew he’d be grand. He said she lay at the door but i said she does that sometimes at home so not to worry. He hasn’t been so good in the mood department lately, so i think having her on his own was just what he needed. He adores Ushi and it’s so nice to see her bringing him out of himself. There was one day when we were last up though when even Ushi couldn’t help him when he was very very bad. I hope he gets better soon.


I’m so glad we went to the concert. It was a brilliant night!