Am I Cruel?

Grrrrr alert. Please don’t shoot me down.

I am planning to do a 6 mile walk with Ushi on Sunday. I will have someone with me, but i plan to work ushi. I have just read a comment saying that it might be too much for her. I did an 8 mile walk in may for the belfast marathon, and ushi loved it. Guide dogs were worried about the crowds, but the only problem i had was Ushi tailgated the slower walkers and kind of pushed them gently with her head. I had plenty of time to stop and wasn’t rushing her.

I do a parkrun walking every week which is 3 miles. She stops loads on it because it’s open and there are so many smells. She does this when she is off her harness too so i know it isn’t because i work her on it. Again i have someone with me. She gets up every saturday morning when she sees me getting ready and sometimes she stays home but it is her who decides.

When i do the 10 k on Sunday which is 6 miles, she will have plenty of time to stop and water along the way. Her feet will be waxed with paw wax beforehand to stop any sore pads as it is used to stop salt cracking their paws but i use it for if i know we’re walking lots too.

I never do any event without making sure ushi can do it and if at any time she showed signs of not wanting to do it i would respect that.

So is it cruel to be doing so much walking? I would draw the line at 8 or 9 miles because i know i would be being unrealistic if i wanted her to do any more. We walk all the time because we don’t have a car.

I would never do anything to indanger Ushi’s life. I did suggest to another guide dog owner about doing the 6 mile walk, but obviously it depends on the dog and i was just suggesting.

Am i a bad person?

Sorry for the ramble.