"Kong Tails" And An Armadillo

It was Ushi’s birthday last Sunday. She was 2 years old. I wasn’t sure if I would get her anything, but thought that with the recent incident that we both encountered, that I may as well spoil her.

I just spent the day as usual really. I normally don’t work her on a Sunday, but instead free run her and Ash. (Our pet dog). At first she wouldn’t really come back when I called her because she was more interested in what Ash was doing, but over the past couple of weeks she has got better and does come back. Of course she has to precrastinate a little before she comes up to me!

Anyway a couple of weeks ago I was asking on twitter what toys I could get her, and
Recommended me looking at
The Kong Companys Website
It’s a good website, but there is quite alot of flash on it, and I don’t think you can order off it. You can’t if you’re in the UK anyway.

I decided to look on
Website to see what they had, but it was so heavily flash based that it crashed internet explorer, and when I did get it working, I could barely see their products, as they were a slide show. So I just decided to wait until we visited the shop on Monday last week.

Well they didn’t have what I was looking for, but they did have a nylabone that is all twisty and all and has knobbily bits on it. It isn’t like a regular nylabone. I also got her a stuffed Armadillo toy which has a squeak in its nose, and two back paws, and something in its belly that sounds more like someone breaking wind than a squeak lol. It also crinkles.

Well the girl loves it! We were having a ball last week with me throwing it and her rushing to get it. Unfortunately the poor thing needed a spot of surgery after about half an hour of us playing with it. When I took it away after noticing the whole, the girl kept looking for it for most of the night after that! (We had to hide it so she wouldn’t get it).

I still wanted to get the Kong tails though, so after a quick search,
Came to my rescue. I ordered a
Large Kong Tails
God Amazon is so cool! I suppose I’d better explain what a “Kong Tails” is? Well it’s like the
Kong Wubba
Which you can also get from Amazon, but instead of there being a ball in the middle, there is a kong. There is a big nylon loop that you hold onto, and there are strips that come out of the end of the kong that are also made of Nylon I think. There is also a squeaker encased in the nylon. You can throw it, shake it, or just tug it. It seems to be our new favourite toy. I was a bit worried in case it was a bit short, but it is really far away from her mouth. (I have a thing where I don’t like to be too close to her mouth).

Today I even tried something new. I threw her stuffed elephant and the Kong tails both together to see which one she would go for. She doesn’t really bring the toy back to me, I just stand at the top of the stairs, and then throw them down, then when she is coming back up, I grab the toy before she can lie down with it. (this is what she will do when she gets a toy). She kept alternating between the elephant and the Kong tails. I just wish she would actually bring them back, but the way we’re working I suppose is better than nothing. I’d say it’ll be even more interesting when we play outside!

Unfortunately poor armadillo needs more surgery, but we hope he will be well enough soon! (Elephant also needed surgery, but he is better now).

Have you got any tips to stop a dog getting bored with their toys? (she gets bored very quickly lool). I always have to think of ways to spice up our playtime! I only use the toys when i’m ready, otherwise they stay in a bag. I think alternating the toys might be the way to go.

I hope you find the Kong tails as useful as i am!