Too Gentle?

Bit of a strange question, but just a little observation I have noticed when playing…

I have got about three different toys for Ushi. I had four, but one sadly died. She loves her stuffed elephant, kong and she kind of loves her tug toy.

Ages ago I got her a tug toy. It is made of rope. One end has a loop, and I can hold onto that. Ushi then holds onto a big ball shaped part at the end. (it’s not exactly a ball, but more like a big knot). She used to play with it with me all the time, but recently she just grabs on for a minute until I pull it out of her mouth, and then she just doesn’t bother with it. She still loves me throwing the kong and elephant, though.

My dad yesterday started making gur’r’r’r’r’r’r noises after she wouldn’t play with the toy with me. She grabbed onto it straight away, and got a good game of tug going. I was a bit put out to be honest that she wouldn’t even grab it with me!

Is it possible that Ushi maybe knows to be gentle with me? I don’t have that much strength lol, so maybe she knows that she’s not going to get a satisfactory result? I used to not like playing with the toy, as I had to kind of give myself a work out because I don’t know if I was scared of hurting her, or just that I have crap strength. Now I wish she would play with it!

Do your guide dogs know to be more gentler or something with you?

Also-stupid question-,but how do you get your dog to come back to you with a toy? Usually when I throw her toy, I end up going and getting it lol.

Just thought I’d post a random post! Would love your thoughts on the tug thing. It doesn’t really bother me, but still!