A Petition And A Statement

A couple of days ago, I posted about
The Twitter Campaigne
That was started by a young guide dog owners mother after her daughter was discriminated against by her school. The Twitter campaigne is still ongoing.

Since then, the girls mother has set up a
To stop this happening again to any other guide dog owner. It has got over 500 signatures already and it was only set up on Tuesday! Sorry for you all seeing this on twitter already, but i think everyone who can should sign this.

The mother has contacted various radio stations etc, and ironically as soon as she contacted the media, the principle of the school,
Released this statement
Which to start with had the guide dog owners name in it, but that has since been removed. It does sound convincing if you hadn’t followed the story, but it just seems weird that it keeps changing. It also just seems rather weird that as soon as the mother goes to the media, this statement is released.

I think in this day and age this should not be happening to be honest. Especially as there will probably be more and more younger guide dog owners around since guide dogs dropped the lower age limmit from 16 to nothing back about a year or two ago.

In comparison, here is an article about
Another young guide dog owner
Who has had a much more positive experience at school.

I really hope that something can be done, and that the girl can continue her studdies pritty soon. She is doing lots of exams so it is a pritty important year for her!

Please feel free to sign the petition. It shouldn’t still be happening!

Can We Get This Trending?

I am part of a group for guide dog owners on facebook. This is for everyone all over the UK.

Back in July, a lady posted that her daughter had been matched with a guide dog called Unis. This young lady is deaf and blind. She was going to do her A levels in September. The school she was going is a school for the deaf.

Things seemed to go well for a while, but unfortunately the young lady and her guide dog have been forced to leave the school. I think this is disgusting. The ladys’ mother wrote most of
This Article
It’s a bad job that a site set up by a past pupil is now featuring this story as it main feature!

The ladys mother is looking for a new school for her daughter and has started a twitter campaigne. If you are going to share the link i have posted, please use the hash tags #Support4Molly and #Mollywatt.

This shouldn’t happen. Let’s make sure it doesn’t and get this trending. I’m sure this family would appreciate it!