The RSPBNI Championships

At our branch meeting on Wednesday the community fundraiser pointed out to us that there was a
Pipe band compitition
That we could collect for. Dungannon didn’t have a branch, so the money would be split between branches who attended. So me and the branch organiser decided to go.

So at 10 o’clock me and Ushi hit the road. I was worried about how Ushi would react to the bands, but she was grand.

The woman who organised the event said we could walk around and ask for support. We asked once but then decided that we wouldn’t. When we first started fundraising, we were told not to shake our tins, not to ask for money, and not to shove our buckets into peoples faces. All it would have taken would have been us doing it to the wrong person, and the whole organisation could get into alot of trouble. We did walk around though and met the derry branch organiser and his dog Inis, and another guide dog owner who’s dog was called Katy.

Ushi wasn’t bothered by the bands at all and wanted to move closer to them. One passed in front of us but she didn’t move at all. She did want to play with the tassles on the pipes though. She was fascinated by the green on the Saint Johns ambulance uniform though.

We collected until three o’clock but the contest went on til 5.

It was a good day but i don’t think we made that much. Better than nothing i suppose. And at least we can go to future events like that and i won’t have to worry about ushi and the pipes.