I know i said in my last post that i was off to listen to The Archers, but one of the daily prompts inspired me to write another post. WordPress and many other blogging platforms offer up a post a day, or prompt to get the creative juices flowing if you’re struggling to write in your blog. Most of the posts i read and skip past, but this one today inspired me to write. Where to start though.

Heros can come in many forms, and for me at least, my hero would have to be my social worker. I know they are not popular with a lot of people, but for me at least, i happened to stumble across a good one. She was there when my parents needed her, which was when i was diagnosed as beingblind. She taught me very basic cane skills when i was about3 or 4, and she was just an all round nice woman. She used to help out with a youth club i used to attend, so in a way she has practically seen me grow upin a way. If i needed a social worker now, it would be her since she has moved to the adult services team. She is a fantastic woman who taught my parents how to let me be as independent as possible.

If i could choose another hero, it would have to be my rehabilitation worker who taught me how to use the long cane, and eventually encouraged me to go on to apply for a guide dog.

I kind of feel silly for writing this though as i find it hard to put in to words how to thank or show my appreciation to people.

So who would your hero, or heros be and wy??

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “My Hero.”