An Update

In my last post i promised you an update on my little brother. I kept meaning to write, but somehow I never managed it.

So on my birthday, My two year old brother broke his Feemer on a slide in a local park. He went to our local hospital where they splinted his leg before he was taken by ambulance up to our childrens hospital as they are the only ones who have a fracture clinic.

It turned out the next day that his leg had to be re splinted as the first hospital didn’t do it right. They had to tie his leg to the bed to stop him moving or anything. He kept having little spasms in his leg because he couldn’t move it so there were a few restless nights.

He got his cast on last Thursday and was able to come home the next day. His cast is basically a full lower body cast. There is a bar keeping his legs apart. His legs are bent up like a frogs lol.

He is very miserable this week. At night still seems to cause him alot of bother because he keeps getting itches in his cast so can’t scratch them. Mum has given him Perraton to stop those. He has already tried to stand in his cast though so it’s gonna be a long 6 weeks! He was up today getting his cast checked out. He’ll go up next week and then that’ll be him until he gets his cast off. He’ll then have to get physio for a couple of days once it comes off.

He is in good form apart from when he gets itches or wants to change position as he can’t do it on his own.

So that’s the latest news. I hope the 6 weeks aren’t too boring for him! Thank you everyone for asking about him.