A Busy Few Days!

Woof to everyone. It’s me Ushi. I haven’t been on here for a long time! Silly mum didn’t take the hint of me sitting beside her looking at her computer as a sign that I wanted to type. God she is a crazy person sometimes. I heard her say that people would find it boring if I wrote, but who would find me boring!

Let me tell you all though, i’ve had a busy few days! I was going to write this post on Tuesday, but silly blogger wouldn’t keep mum logged in so she could let me type. Did she tell it to do that? Anyway….

It all started on Friday I think it was. Mum decided to take me up to her brothers school with her dad and her sister. She says she never took me up before since I was so hyper around children, but she thought she would this time. (Can you blame me for being hyper around children? I would never hurt them, but they sound so happy and bouncey and they would play with me and and and and i’m getting carried away). Anyway mum and her sister walked me up from the house to meet her dad. I was only walking on my lead but my harness was on.

We got to where we go past to go to the human doctor if mum needs to go, (I’ve never seen her go, and she says she doesn’t go that often), when mum heard a man talking. Well there was a little dog standing there beside it’s owner and it moved quickly and it scared me a bit. I hid behind mums dads legs as he was guiding mum at the time. Mum was really worried why i did it, but i have tried to explain that it was just that it moved quickly. She wasn’t convinced and said that that was me submitting or something. Well she thinks i was. I was just startled that’s all. (She says that she can’t even be blamed since she didn’t know there was a dog there). Mum is still nervous about other dogs coming up to me, and usually has a wee panick, but she thought that the man was just talking so she didn’t panick. The man was nice and stopped though to make sure we were okay which we were thankfully.

When we got about halfway up to the school, I just couldn’t contain my excitement and started to pull a bit. (I do this too when i’m going to a new place but didn’t do it too much to start with). It wasn’t a strong pull, but the more I pulled into my collar, mum had to grip tighter, and then she said i started to sound really like an asmatic lol i was panting that hard. So she stopped me a couple of times and corrected me, then, horror of horrors, she got the halty thing out of her pocket! Not the Halty! I told her i was a good girl and didn’t need it, but on it went. I tried to play “find the head” but that didn’t work. (I swish my head to make it harder for mum to put it on). Anyway she got it on and i just walked nicely. I didn’t even wag my tail that much just to show mum I was huffing.

We didn’t go into the school gates, but waited outside. I sat down at mums feet with the halty thing on, and looked all depressed so that the kids would feel sorry for me, but that didn’t happen. One kid even had the nerve to call me a sack! I mean the cheek! They were like “I thought that was a sack”. Of course mum laughed, but I didn’t see the funny side!

Mum and everyone else had yummy smelling things called chocolate, but i couldn’t have any. But then she took the halty off me and I walked home all nice and calm only wagging my tail more so that mum knew I was happy. I didn’t want it on again though. It’s really not that bad, but i can’t pull on it.

I had a big sleep for the rest of the day lol since I was so tired after the long walk.

On Saturday mum took me to a cattle show. I think she has already written about it, but I’ll tell you what happened. We were in a big tent thing, and there were tractor things around us, and sheep and cows and all that sort of stuff. Unfortunately it was a horrible wet day, and while mum got to sit on nice comfy chairs, I had to sit on the wet ground. Mum says she didn’t bring anything for me to lie on since it was so wet and she didn’t know we were on concrete.

Lots of people told me how gorgious I was, but I knew that already! Every time the sheep went Bah, I didn’t know what it was lol. A little girl blew bubbles at me too and i just staired at her.

But the best part of it was when my friend came with her Della dog. Della is a guide dog like me too, but we both didn’t have our harnesses on so we played for a little bit. Mums friend then sat between us, so we had to sniff instead. I just sat there after that.

On Monday we went to meet mums friend in town. They chatted for ages and ages but i got to lie under the table. On the way out though I was a bit naughty. I didn’t go the right way, and then some men were working going home coming out of the shopping centre. Then I was naughty and didn’t find my propper crossing lol. I found the Marks and Spencers one, but that was the wrong one. Mum then wouldn’t let me guide for a bit cause she was a bit lost then she held on to someone. They told me I was a good dog so I liked that.

On Tuesday we went on the train things. We were going to a place called Derry. We first of all went up to the station, but silly mum forgot her purse. We then went around town, then went home, then I chilled then we went on the trains for real this time.

I just slept on the train, but there was this point where I woke up and was trembling. Mum says that it was at a place called Castle Rock and you have to drive pritty near the sea to get through it. When we got to the next stop I was grand though. I think it worried mum a bit.

Well the Derry place was really weird. It was all hills and stuff. We walked and walked and walked loads. I even got a sleep in when we went to this place where mums sister was getting a Peercing. I think that is what it’s called anyway. I didn’t care cause I could sleep!

On the way home back to the train station we walked across a bridge with a river. Mum thought I wouldn’t like it, but there was a big railing thing protecting me. There were these metal speed bump things on the bridge though and I didn’t like walking over them! So I did a wee bounce over them lol.

I did unfortunately need a busy then. We were nearly at some grass where mum was going to spend me, but I stopped and really dug my heels in. Mum thought that it was just me being me since she wasn’t holding onto my harness, but then I stopped again and couldn’t hold it. I did go every other time mum gave me an opportunity, but all that walking got things moving. She had let me go a couple hours before, but I just got caught short. At least it was outside I suppose. I still feel bad when it happens. It hasn’t happened since the time we went on the beach though so i suppose that’s good.

I didn’t tremble on the train home which mum was glad about.

On Wednesday we had a fundraising meeting. Mum was going to walk me down to it but there were road works still, so a lady took me and her. Mum has started putting my halty on now when we get out of cars since I pull for a bit when I get out of a car. She says it’s not fair on the person guiding her and it’s annoying for her. I’m usually allowed it off once we get into where we are going though so that’s good.

Well I saw Della dog again, but she was the other side of the table so we couldn’t say Hi, and then I saw mums other friends dog called Marcel. He was quite a bit older than me and Della, so he wasn’t as bouncey as us lol. I tried to go over to him, but Mum stopped me. So I just lay down then.

Yesterday Mum took me for a big big long walk out to a supermarket called Sainsburies. She didn’t know the route but mums sister was with us. She directed mum to where we were going on the way down, and she says I worked well for us both not knowing where we were going. Mum sometimes stopped when she wasn’t sure where we were going though.

Mum and her sister then met their dad again at Sainsburies. I got a drink of water first, then we were ready to go.

At one point I wanted to go down where the clothes live in the supermarket, but mum wasn’t going that way.

When we were going back home mum didn’t work me but just kept holding onto her dads arm. Normally when mum is giving me a drink, she will stop, and go over to a seat to do it. I saw a seat at one point and pulled mum over to it as I really needed a drink! Mum says it’s good that I let her know that I needed one, and thinks that I associated the seat with getting the drink.

Today I haven’t worked yet. I think I need a chilled out day after all the walking i’ve done! Mum is waiting until it cools down a bit I think.

I’ve gotta go here. I need a scratch and a sleep!

Beware Of The Big Scarey Hoover Monster!

Hey humans and woofy doggies. It’s Ushi again. I haven’t been on here for a while, but there is something I must tell you about!

Mums sister uses this big thing that roars when it gets turned on. It sucks up all my loose dog hair, and once it nearly tried to suck me up too. Mum says it’s called a “hoover”.

Every couple of days it comes out, and it is just so horrible! When it gets turned on, i press myself up against mums leg, which I love, since i get loads of pets. Today it was on, and i was going to go over to my bed where it couldn’t get me, but it came at me and towards my bed! I did a little jump and managed to knock over my water bowl! Mum wasn’t really too happy with me doing that though. I just couldn’t get away.

I tried to be brave and just thought that maybe it tried to suck me up because it got confused, but that never seems to work.

So i’m writing here to tell you that you all must beware of the hoover monster. I just got away by the skin of my teeth, but really i might not be so lucky next time. Mum tries to explain to me that it won’t get me, but i don’t believe her.

Have you got any tips on how to stop the evil hoover monster? And why does it need my hair?

I’m gonna sleep now but just thought i’d warn you all about this. Tips would be great! Thanks!

Snowy Icey White Stuff

Hey gang! It’s Ushi again. Mum let me on the computer for a while.

First of all, before I tell you about what we’ve been up to, what is this snowy icey white stuff? It feels all cold and bouncey and when I sniff it and eat it it’s all cold and feels really fluffy. Plus sometimes it gets on me, but when i shake it goes away. It doesn’t leave my coat wet like the horrible rain. Do any of you know why it’s here? Will it be here for long?

Anyway i’m sure you’re all wondering what i’ve been up to….

Did I tell you about learning a new route? Well I think it was about a month ago. The instructor who works with my old mum came out to see us. I must tell you though about our adventure before we started learning the route….

Mum decided to work me before we would go out. She said just to “calm me down” or something like that. We were doing the route to the shop where I have to “find the counter”. It was really really wet and horrible and windy. On part of the route I decided to be a wee bit naughty and get just a teeny bit distracted, but not so much that Mum would notice. She kept going, and noticed that something didn’t feel right. She kept getting me to go back, and even told me to “find a kerb” to give me a destination, but I couldn’t find it! The only thing I could find was grass. Maybe getting distracted wasn’t such a good idea? Mum ended up calling her mum to come and get us. I couldn’t understand where she came from though! Anyway mum followed her voice, and then we got on our way.

Mum was a little worried though as the instructor was going to be coming out soon. We got back in time just as the instructor came.

Mum left me in the house while she went out with the instructor. She took my harness though, so I don’t know what she was up to.

When they came back, I got to come. I got in the instructors car, and got to sit between mums legs. I liked that.

We drove out to where I find the shop, and then mum put my harness on. The instructor followed behind, while I tried to guide mum who was directing me.

I guess she took the harness earlier to help her familiarise herself with the route so she could direct me.

We went into a shopping centre! It was really really busy so I didn’t have time to get distracted. I had to pay attention and guide mum past all the people and stuff. Then I had to help mum find the coffee shop. We did it a couple of times just to make sure that mum knew where it was, and that I knew that mum would be really happy if i found it for her.

We then went home after that, but mum wasn’t sure where to go, so she kept hanging back. She does that when she is nervous, you see. It is bad though cause then I can’t guide her!

The instructor came out for a couple more days making sure that mum knew where she was going.

One of the days they had coffee in that shop, but I had to be a good guide dog and lie under the table while mum and the instructor talked.

I also got a couple of new toys! Mum baught me a Kong, and a rubber thingie that she could throw. I unfortunately broke that, but I love the kong! She can put stuff in it too, but i’m happy with her just bouncing it!

Things have just been the same really as usual, apart from me getting a new nylabone. It’s much bigger than my old one, and I love it!

The snowy white stuff came on Thursday I think. That night it was really slippery, so mum really got me to “steady” just to make sure we didn’t slip. She was all nervous and stuff too. We have only been able to do the really small route unfortunately. I keep rushing on the snow, as I don’t like it on my paws! Plus mum is all tense and stuff.

Mum decided to do the big route on Sunday, but at one point there were these naughty kids who kept getting me all excited! I tried to listen to mum, but as you know I love children! Mum corrected me, then it started snowing at one point, and mum told me to find a kerb, but i couldn’t, so looked for a more deffinet kerb. We ended up in a housing estate, so mum had to phone her dad to come and get me. It was just too snowy and it covered my kerb! Mum said that she couldn’t really pick up obsticles and stuff either.

Yesterday we were back on the small block route. I was naughty and stopped and mum thought there was an obsticle, but i just wanted to eat the snow! Then I couldn’t find home.

Today mum said it was too icey to work me. So she just let me play in it! It was all slidey and all, so I kept sliding!

Mum is getting a bit down about not being able to work me. I hope she can work me tomorrow!

Mum wants to groom me now, so am going to go here.

The good thing about the snow is i get to play in it, but the bad thing is that it’s cold and that we can’t work too well!

How are you all getting on in the snow?

Waggies and woofies,

Ushi Xxx

It’s About Time….

That mum let me on the computer again!! Yes you guessed it, it’s Ushi again. I thought i’d tell you what i’ve been up to for the last while…. Mum has probably already told you all of this, but she hasn’t told my side of it!!

After we had been qualified about a week, I started to stop loads. Mum got really frustrated and tried to get me to go forward. There was this place where there had been a fire, and some kind people had put up a barrier. We got around it, but when they took it away, I just didn’t want to go past this part. It was at night, and mum kept going on at me. She then got her dad i think to come down and look at my paws. What did you need to do that for? There’s nothing wrong with my paws!!

I kept stopping at this place, until mum got the instructor person to come out. It wasn’t my old mum, I don’t know where she has got to. She told mum to praise me loads, and tell me what a good girl I was. Mum had gone straight for that horrible lead correction! I still kept stopping, and by the wednesday of that week, I just wouldn’t go any further than the front door. It was really really really raining so mum took me back inside. Thank god. I hate getting my paws wet! I thought that we weren’t going to work, but mum went back out again when it had finished raining. I just kept stopping.

Eventually mum had to get another instructor person to come out. I just kept stopping for like 4 days, and mum couldn’t go very far. Plus she was getting really really worried.

Before the instructor man came out, mum took me into town with her dad and her sister. That was really really exciting, although I did not like the slippy slidy floor in one of the shops!

That was really exciting, and mum thought that it might cheer me up a bit and get me going again on our walks. But that wasn’t the case lol.

I was really naughty when the instructor man came out. I heard mum saying to me that morning when she was taking me out for my busy that I needed to be good, as this man was a “district team manager” whatever they are. What’s a district team? Anyway, I think he is pritty important, so mum was a bit nervous. I was just lying there at mums feet nice and quietly, and the instructor man came. I just hadn’t seen him in like ages, and I had only met him once. I decided to try and jump up on him, so mum had to get up and correct me! He didn’t pay attention to me though, so I had to lie down again after it. Mum and him talked for a while, and I tried to get way over to the small squeaky things (mum says they are called “guinny pigs” but I can’t see them cause i would eat them.). I don’t want to see them anyway! I just wanted to see what mum would do. She ket pulling, but I tried to win. Then the man said to give me a hard pull, well not hard to hurt me, to get me over. I lay quietly after that.

Basically the instructor man says that I was just being a “Madam”. (Shhhhhhh, don’t tell mum!). He says that she has to kind of flick my lead forward to get me to go forward. She always did it on a short lead, but the man says I need the lead to be long. (Not as long as when i’m doing my busy, but where the shiny thing is at the end of my lead). I decided that I would just get on with it, as I didn’t like when mum flicked me forward, and used a cross voice. Plus I knew mum would get frustrated if I didn’t do what I was told.

So I have been working well. I managed a sneaky jump up onto a person we met in the street, but mum corrected me again, so I only did it the once. I was really sneaky, you see. I waited quietly, then when mum was least expecting it, boing! She was not a happy bunny.

We had big bangy things over the weekend. Mum was worried in case i’d be affected, as she has heard of some doggies like me having to retire from work. I would hate for that to happen, as even though it’s kind of boring at the minute (mum only knows three routes), I wouldn’t like to not be able to work. After all, that would mean that mum would need a new doggie to guide her, but everyone knows that that. is. my. job. Anyway I didn’t even notice those big bangy things, but mum wouldn’t take me for a free run because of them. I’ve told you before mum, I don’t mind them! I just snored on my comfy bed.

Oh, did I mention my new blanket? Mum says it’s from “auntie Julie” whoever she is. I think she is mums friend. Anyway mum says that it says “Ushi’s blanket” on it, and has a paw print. Mum got it in the post, and I just knew it was for me. She spread it on the floor when she got it to see if i liked it, and boy was it comfy! She then let me come downstairs, as her little brother wasn’t around (I wish he was, as he always drops food, but mum always tells me to leave it.). I’m just being her hoover so she doesn’t have to worry about it. She braught my blanket downstairs, and I got really hyper, and then rolled the blanket into a ball, and licked it.

Mum has now put that blanket on my bed, and I lie on it more than my fleese. Sometimes I lie on it when I want to be close to mum though.

On Sunday we all went out to town. Mum worked me to the shop, then we waited until she could grab dads arm and hold on to my lead. I had to lie down on the ground while she ate something called chocolate, (which I couldn’t have apparently), then we headed off to a shopping centre. I started to pull on the way, but mum just told me to steady. She thought that I was just excited, but I really needed to go to the toilet!

We went into this horrible place that smelt like the vets, but mum got something for her teeth. It’s in a bottle so i’m not sure what it is. She says it’s “mouth wash”, but I don’t understand why she would need to wash her mouth? Doesn’t she use tooth paste like me? (I love my chicken tooth paste! And the little brush tickles lol).

Anyway I really needed to go to the toilet. We went into the shopping centre, and I pulled to the left. Mum says it was like I was distracted, but I just had to go. I know that all good guide dogs should never ever go to the toilet in a shopping centre, but I had held it in all day, and was really really in need! So I had to do my busy. Mum didn’t shout at me, but I knew she was disappointed. Some cleaning people came, and cleaned it up. I felt ashamed.

Mum and her sister took me outside, and mum tried to see if I had to go again, but I didn’t. She then went home with her dad and sister, and the small brother who doesn’t drop food. She let me go on some grass, but I just did a pee. She then worked me home. (She wants me to tell you that she says thanks for all the comments regarding my busy in the shopping centre). Wait a minute, I don’t discuss when you do your busies, so why do you discuss mine? It’s not ladylike, you know.

We had some more bangy things that night, but I didn’t care. It was a tiring day.

On Monday we had nothing but wet stuff all day. I just dawdled along lol, and mum only did the small route. Yesterday was wet too, but mum didn’t let me just do the small route. I was okay when we crossed the road and did the big walk, as I knew mum didn’t really know the way back, so we had to do the way she was used to. Plus the rain calmed down a bit.

Today mum first of all worked me, then we had to go to the vet. Mum put the halty thing on me, as she says that I am much calmer with that on. I don’t really like it, but I suppose I need it on. I got weighed today, so that wasn’t too bad. While mum was getting the book that I have filled in (so that guide dogs can pay), a nice lady came up and talked to mum. She said that she had 2 guide dogs, but today she was just here with two puppies. Were they guide doggies too? She was a nice lady and told me that I was beautiful (I know I am).

We then went home.

Mum says that tomorrow I need to be a good girl as we are getting our pictures taken. She says that rehab man (the person who told mum to apply for a doggie like me and taught her how to use that stick) is taking me and her to some place. We are just getting pictures taken to show a newly qualified partnership or something. She says it’s not fundraising, and it’s just a picture. Mum got all worried, but rehab man says that he checked with the instructors, and they said it was fine as long as mum didn’t talk to the picture people about guide dogs. She also says we might go for coffee afterwards.

I will try my best to be behave. I don’t want mum shouting at me, after all. I hear though that another one of mums friends has a guide dog!! I can’t wait to meet him!

I better go here, as my paws are getting sore. Before I go though, mum says I have to mention about her friend
Who has a very sick cat. I like to play with cats, but when we are working mum doesn’t let me. We can’t have any cats at home as mums sister gets sick when she comes near them. But I hope you get better soon Tiacat, and I heard that her doggie is sicky bad too! Get better soon all of you.

I really must go here-I think I need a sleep after all that typing.

Waggies and woofies,

Ushi xx.