Happy Birthday Ushi

Today three years ago little Ushi entered the world. I don’t know who her brothers and sisters are but happy birthday to them too.

I don’t think i wrote a post last year for her 2nd birthday. Bad me!

In the past while i’ve noticed a huge change in her. She listens to me almost instantly now, she sometimes doesn’t need to be called back on free runs and will just come up to me randomly and expect a treat. (We give a treat when they come back to keep them coming back if you know what i mean. This is something small).

She barely needs correcting now when we are out.

She mostly comes up from her busies without me having to go get her.

She hasn’t got the urge to dig thankfully but that could start in the spring. She always dug down though and not out thankfully.

When she is being groomed she no longer wanders around lots after i have got her to stand up so i can groom her other side. I would love to be able to just roll her over but i am scared of hurting her so she stands up.

She has become quite the affectionate girl and will come for a random pet, or lick you, slap a paw on you so you will scratch her armpits, or put all her weight into her head and put it on you.

She is a great little traveller in cars, and has always been.

She has a great time with all our talks and loves getting compliments. Our branch organiser jokes that she adores the two CS:carpets and compliments.

She can still be a madam when it comes to rain and if she is bored she will walk very slowly. I still have major problems getting her to go into a down on the long lead, but she will do it eventually. She does it perfectly when we are out though which i don’t really understand, but hey.

She has been quite healthy through her life. The only times she had needed to go to the vets are for her check ups, once when she had a scratch above her eye, and when she was attacked last year. I think that is pritty good going!

She still needs me to be quite firm at times when she decides that she doesn’t want to go somewhere on a route and wants to go another way. If she does sniff i have to give her a check on her collar but it’s only the once and she gets back on track. She used to be really terrible and i would have to give her a couple of corrections to get her going.

Sometimes she will try and take the easy way out and will try and do an off kerb obsticle when there is plenty of room for her to get around it.

She still loves her bed and would spend most of her time there if i let her. She won’t work unless she has had a sleep after a walk.

I love having her and find she is not just a great guide but a good companion too.

Happy birthday little Sushi Ushi pups. I hope the next year is as good as the last one and that we discover new and interesting places to go. I don’t know what waits round the next corner for us but i hope it is something good.

I’m not planning anything special, just our usual walks and there is a frozen kong with some of her dinner from tonight in it. It really is a push to get her to work for her food and this is the only food toy i have since she hates working for food. She spends alot of time whining at her kong, but she does eventually get the pieces out.

I’m meeting up with my friend P today and was going to take her for a run but i think it is meant to be wet which is a shame.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for us! Happy birthday again, and sorry this is so rambly.