Ushi’s Latest Vet Visit

Yesterday Ushi had her latest 6 monthly vet visit.

Ushi is grand as usual. It was yet another vet that saw her. That kind of annoys me as i never know who i am going to see. There are a couple of vets who are very thorough but one is quite ignorant and hardly says what he is doing to Ushi. The woman yesterday was nice and talked to Ushi and i could get a rough idea of what she was doing. Unfortunately this vets is the main practice in Ballymena plus she is registerd with them.

Ushi has thankfully only put on 100 grams since she was last weighed in January. She gets wormed and frontlined once every three months and i like to get her weighed when she is getting that. Normally she has gone up a kilo or two when i have weighed her. She is 35.6 kilos now.

I’m still keeping her on 100 grams in the morning and 150 in the evening. I was thinking of putting her up to 150 grams again in the morning but she sometimes doesn’t eat all of her 100 grams so i don’t know.

When i got home, or rather on the way home she was very very sluggish. I gave her a treat when we got home for being such a good girl at the vets, but she wouldn’t take it. She then started wretching but nothing happened. She just seemed a bit “off” after she had her injection. She was grand within about half an hour.

I was talking to the branch organiser about something totally different last night and i mentioned about Ushi’s health check. The branch organiser said that Ushi shouldn’t have got her injection, worming and frontline all in the one day. I was told last year she could have it all on the same day. Apparently if Ushi gets her worming and injection and her frontline all at the same time, it could cause her an upset tummy. It wouldn’t be serious, but could still affect them. (The branch organiser used to be a vet receptionist for 10 years). She should get her worming and frontline 5 days from her injection.

I didn’t know this at all. I guess different vets are told different things?

So i haven’t put Ushi’s frontline on yet but did give her her worming tablet.

I mentioned to the vet that her due claws were a bit too long and were catching but they mustn’t have needed cut because she didn’t cut them.

So i just wanted to post really to ask what the craic is with the worming etc. I hope in three months time when she gets more wormer that her weight is the same or lower. I was so happy when she only put on 100 grams!

"She’ll Take Them Straight Out Of Your Hands…"

No she won’t.

Today was Ushi’s 6 monthly visit to the vets. Guide dogs recommends that guide dogs are seen every 6 months for a checkup unless they are sick, in which case they would come in earlier if needed. I was also getting her her anual vaxinations.

So yesterday I booked the appointment. I wasn’t sure what the vaxination was that she had to get, so I just said that it was her yearly booster. I booked it for half two today.

I was also going to get her Front line flea treatment and her worming tablet.

So off we went today. I was kind of excited and a bit nervous, as I didn’t know how she would react to the injection or anything.

It was really really warm when we got there. Ushi just was panting away. She sounded like a train! I didn’t think we would need water, though next time I might have to bring some! She got a little bored waiting, so she just lay down.

When the vet called us in, I decided to take her Halty off, so that the vet could look at her nose and eyes and that and in case he wanted her on the examening table. (I mustn’t have actually taken it off, cause when I took her out to spend afterwards it was on but unbuckled!). The vet said that she would be okay on the floor. He listened to her heart, and just had a general look. Everything was grand. He then went off to get the injection. While we were waiting, I heard another dog coming towards us, and started to panick. (I think there was a corridor at the back, and our surgery was kind of open). When the vet was getting her injection ready, Ushi just kind of looked at us. I was expecting a big yelp, but she never made a sound! She just panted lol. Good girl! I am so relieved that she didn’t mind the injection. Thank god! We asked if there would be any affects from it, but the nurse just said that it might make her a bit drouzy. (We pointed out that we wouldn’t really notice the difference with her)! We then took her out to reception and popped her on the scales. She is 33 Kilograms. (Her working weight is 27 Kilos, her optimum weight is 29, but the instructors haven’t minded that she is going up. Back in November she was something like 31.5, and within two weeks had gone up to 32.1 or something, so we cut her food from 200 grams in the morning, to 150 in the morning and evening. From then on she has only gone up gradually. I think the extra will come off once I start working her more than once a day now that it is nicer weather.).

I was then given her worming tablets and her flea treatment. The vet said that I need to worm Ushi every 2 months, and have her front line every 3 months. (I was told by my GDMI and the Dog Care And Welfare Advisor that she needed the worming every 6 months, and the flea treatment once a month from April until about October.). I explained this, but they said it wasn’t right. So I’m a bit confused about that one lol. The vet said that Ushi would take the worming tablet “Just like a treat” and not to feed her them on an empty stomach. They came in individual packets, one in each, and were called something like “Millimax” or something like that.

We left after that.

Well when I fed Ushi I thought that i’d give her her tablets. Well she didn’t “just take them like treats”. I gave her one, and she took it, so I thought she was going to eat it somewhere else (she does this lol with treats and stuff), but no, my girl had to be awkward! Out it came! So dad came over and started to give her it and hold her mouth closed and rub her throat to make it go down. Out it came again. We tried about three or four times, and each time Ushi would manage to spit it out or pretend to swallo. So after about the fifth time of trying, dad practically just chucked them down there. They finally went down! She kept making horrible noises like she was going to be sick. I was expecting her to go down and instead of doing her busy in the garden, I was expecting her to make herself sick! But thankfully the wee minx didn’t which was good. So I think soft cheese or bread and butter with the tablet will have to do next time! I hope they work! Knowing me, Ushi will know what it is though.

I haven’t done the front line yet as I want to wait until the last spend of the night. I really hope I put it on right. I find her skin really hard to feel, so am going to get my sister to make sure it’s on her skin, then fire away!

I’m glad it was a successful visit, and she has no problems! (I knew that anyway but it’s still nice to hear).

A Vet Visit, And a Good Walk

My instructor arrived this morning at about half 9. I explained to her about the walk, and that i didn’t really want to do yesterdays walk, because of what happened on Wednesday. She said that there should never be dogs running loose on the street. There may be the odd one, but never about 4 or 5 running in the street, as apparently it is against the law. She said that i have passed loads of dogs before, and when I was confident, I was able to get past them no problem. I explained that they sounded really yappy, but my instructor said that i got past them the first time, but because it was my first walk on my own, I was already nervous. I also explained that because I knew the instructors weren’t following me, I was more wary. Whenever I come across the dogs again on the smaller route, I am to take the lead in my right hand, and tell Ushi “straight on” in a firm, but confident voice.

After we discussed all that, we went to the vets. Ushi seemed quite calm at first, but as she approached the door, she started to pull a bit. My instructor says i really need to assert myself, and tell her “No”, and chuck back on the lead. We then went in slowly, and I got her to sit, whenever she was pulling. She sat lovely when we went into the waiting room. I was surprised at how open and how nice it seemed! I was expecting it to be like a doctors waiting room lol. We were called about 10 minutes after we sat down. I was surprised at this, even though I had booked my appointment.

The vet was a lovely man. He just examined all over her. My instructor said to reassure Ushi alot, as she had her anal glands done apparently before she went on class, so she was a bit wary. On the way out, we took her up to reception, where the scales are. She was still pulling a bit, so I kept geting her to sit, before moving off slowly. The scales are just like a big rectangle. I just get her to “jump up” on to them, and then get her to sit. She weighed in at a healthy 29.6 kilos. Her normal “working” weight is about 27 kilos, and her “Optimum weight” is 29 kilos. So she was well within the normal range. We then called at reception to explain how the health book works, which is the book that we take along, and they write in anything they have done, like vaxinations, or her weight. The book is “carbon copied” or something like that, which means that they send off a page to guide dogs, but it is on the page below that one. I don’t really understand it. Anyone who uses a health book know what the craic is?

The vets have said that if i do want to weigh her, I don’t have to make an appointment, I can just drop in which is good. Guide dogs recommends that i do it every month for the next 6 months at least.

Ushi kind of pulled a bit going out of the vets, so I got her to sit a couple of times before we got to the car. My instructor says it will get easier and easier getting her to the vets each time we go. What i mean is that she will become more settled with going.

We had a half an hour break, before we did the route to the shop. I just wanted the instructor just to reassure me, as i still wasn’t absolutely sure, and just wanted someone there. It turns out that I didn’t need the instructor at all. We did the route perfectly.

When i got back to my house, my instructor and I discussed the dogs again lol. She said to me that she wanted me to do that route today, and offered to stay and do it with me. I said though that i would never do it on my own then. She said she wanted me to think really confident thoughts, and that everything would be fine. She said i could let her know when i was doing the walk, and when I would be back if it reassured me. She is coming back on Monday, then she said she would leave me for a couple of days. Just to cut back gradually.

She left after that, so I just chilled for a while. I procrastinated for a bit lol, as i really wasn’t looking forward to walking past the dogs.

So at about 4 o’clock, I plucked up the courage to go out and do that small route. I just kept walking, and suddenly i found myself at the place where the dogs are. I thought they were further on. Ushi rushed past them a bit, but I kept her going straight, and we had no bother. The old heart was still racing a bit though!!

I just chilled for the rest of the day. I know that my confidence won’t come overnight, and it prob won’t come naturally, but the more I get out there, the more confidence I should have.

I thought that I would take Ushi for a big mad play in the room for a while, before I took her out for one of her spends. The instructors suggested this, as it might calm her down in the garden. Well it did the opposite. She started to dig again, and run around like a mad woman. So I am putting her on the lead again until Monday, when I will have a chat with the instructors, to at least see why she is doing it. We can’t block off the spot, as it is where she likes to do her business. (she has a spiciffic spot). I know she can’t get out though, as it seems to be that she is digging down the ways, if that makes sense.

I also decided to brush her teeth last night. She let me do it no bother, and she didn’t mind her little tooth brush thingie that I have! She started licking her teeth as soon as I put it on!

So it was quite a busy day!