A Humbling Experience

Sometimes you experience something or you meet someone that just makes you stop and think. Tonight was one of those ocasions.

So tonight, i was in the loo waiting on a train home. These two ladies were standing in the corner. They wanted to stroke Ushi so i let them as i washed my hands. When i came over to get Ushi again, they started to talk to me. They started to tell me that they were both losing their sight due to a genettic condition. They told me that they didn’t know if they could trust a dog to guide them, so i explained about the different services guide dogs offered if they ever felt they needed anything. One of the woman seemed to get quite cut up and explained that she had lost her sight in her left eye and that she had partial sight in her right. She told me that she did use a cane but got knocked down whilst using it, so that has completely knocked her confidence. She told me that her pet dog seemed to know she was losing her sight, as he would have crossed in front of her when she came toa kerb, for example.

We chatted for at least another 10 minutes, and i get the feeling they probably have never met another visually impaired person. I asked if they had received any help from the health trusts, and they said they didn’t. I found that very sad. They both told me they just were getting on with it. They were very fistey women who weren’t going to let it get them down. I told them that at the end of the day, we are the same as everyone else, and sometimes you just had to get on with things. I obviously wasn’t that preechy. That last sentence seemed preechy anyway lol.

I finished the conversation by telling them to take good care of themselves. I honestly felt very humbled or something after that conversation. I’m not even sure humbled is the right word, but i thought about those two ladies all the way home.

I hope the two women got something out of the conversation, even if it was just kisses from Ushi, and a chance to pet her. I really do hope they get help at some point if they need it. I felt that they really needed to talk though. It’s good to listen sometimes :).