It’s Okay To Say No

Away back in November, I wrote about
My voluntary experiences
And how it was okay to say no. Well i thought i wouldn’t have to do it but i did this week.

I’ve been quite busy with doing quite alot of talks over the past couple of months. Don’t get me wrong, i really do enjoy doing them.

I got a phone call from my rehab worker on Friday i think it was saying that the
P 6 class
Who i mentioned wanted to organise a stall for us to sell some of our stockk this Friday morning. I iinitially said that that would be okay even though i was out at a Girl guides talk on Monday night, a volunteer event tomorrow in Cookstown, and up in Antrim to collect a cheque on Friday afternoon.

Whilst at the girl guides with the branch organiser on Monday night (it went really well and we got a cheque for £50). Anyway she pointed out that i was doing far too much with my rehab worker and that if i didn’t want to do anything i didn’t have to. I have never ever felt pressured by him, and i know he would be grand if i didn’t want to do a talk. I explained to the branch organiser this and that he has always said that if i don’t want to do something that he will be grand about it. The branch organiser said that we didn’t have any stock though until next week, and that she knows that the rehab worker means well but should ask her before booking anything. I did agree with this though but said that i knew he meant well.

So i sent him an email on Monday night after i thought a bit about what the organiser had said. I just explained that i thought three things would be too much in a week and that it wasn’t anything against him. I said that if it had been any other time i would have been grand and that i hoped he understood. The last thing i wanted was for him to think that i was feeling pressured. I have never felt pressured nor will i ever do. I love doing talks to new applicants etc as a guide dog owner and will happily talk all day if i could.

So when i hadn’t heard of any emails from my rehab worker i began to really worry. I thought that he had taken it the wrong way, especially when i heard that the treasurer of the branch was going to talk to him which if you remember i have had trouble with in the past at some of our events. So i was expecting to be dropped right in it.

I was so worried today that i was making silly mistakes when out with Ushi. That then made me beat myself up for making stupid mistakes. I had a think on the way home from the walk and discovered that that was the only mestake i made so it wasn’t all that bad but at the time it was.

Finally this evening i got a phone call from my rehab worker. He said that it was no problem at all and that if i wanted i could not go tomorrow and do Friday morning as well as Friday afternoon. I said that i would do tomorrow and friday afternoon. He was totally grand and totally understood. He even phoned me a couple more times to appologise for not getting my email! So happy happy days! He can’t cancel since the teacher has arranged it, but he is going to bring my friends guide dog down. (Because he works for guide dogs this is okay). She broke her foot so her dog hasn’t been out in quite a while. But i am so so glad that he is okay and totally understood. I would have hated for their to have been any bad feelings.

So now i can relax and won’t have to worry!

While it was hard to say no, i know that nothing bad happened and that nothing bad would have happened.

I’ll let you know how tomorrow and Friday afternoon go. I’m so glad everything is okay though!

Anual Volunteers Lunch

Well today was our anual christmas lunch with the
Cedar Foundation
We have it every year as a sort of thank you from Cedar.

Anyway, i was due to be picked up at about 10:30. Well that time came and went, and it was about 11 o’clock when i thought that maybe it had been canceled, or else i had been forgotten about. I rang up the Cedar foundation, and found out that i was just going to be collected lol.

I was picked up at about 11:15, and off we went to pick up another volunteer, before heading up to the restaurant. We got there at about 12 o’clock, with plenty of time to spear, since the meal wasn’t due to start until half 12.

There were about 15 of us all together. Most of them were from the main branch of Cedar.

Anyway, i had Soup and a sandwich. My sandwich came out first, which was a bit weird. Me and another volunteer got ours mixed up though, as his sandwich was bacon, while mine was ham lol. And the amount of red onion that was in it!!!!! I had to fish through it lol to get it all lol. Apart from that, it was nice.

For dessert, i had a chocolate tart, with cream and an orange sauce. The tart was so hard that i had to use a fork and knife lol!!!!!!!!!

While at the lunch, i met a person who teaches JAWS, so we got chatting about all that wonderful technology and that. She told me that there is a demonstration day in January for JAWS 11 at the main branch of Cedar, and she says that she will get me an invite lol. We had a good chat about how cool JAWS was and what we both did.

We were getting ready to go at about 2 o’clock, when this woman i was talking to about the JAWS was like “You must come over to our place to see around it!!!” We said yes, as this was only across the road.

I got to see all around their IT sweet, which is much bigger than our place. In fact, the whole building is bigger lol.

We finally went to the kitchen, where i met an old school friend!!!!!!!! I was introduced to her, and i thought “I recognise that voice”, and sure enough, it was my friend from school!!!!!! Me and her had a good weee chinwag.

All in all, it was a good day. We went home after talking to my friend.

I am so glad that i’m still kept on as a volunteer. I hope that some day i will find a paid job, but who knows. Thanks guys at Cedar for being so helpful and such good craic!!!!!!!

Last Day:(!

It was my last day at the Cedar Foundation today, unfortunately!!!

Well, i was teaching a man how to use the internet. We explored some ways we each got around a web page, and he also told me some things i didn’t know about Internet Explorer.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also showed me the
Kurzweil Scanning Systim
which i had never used. So today was a learning process for both of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The IT officer wanted me to proof read some braille. We were trying to see what would work. We scanned a document in to Kurzweil, and embossed it straight from there. This didn’t work very well. I think we would have to scan in the document, put it in to Microsoft Word, and then do it from there. We will try that idea out when i am doing my work experience.

I would just like to say a big big thank you, first of all, to the Cedar Foundation for having me, and to the two people i helped. You were both excellent. Good luck with your typing courses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a pleasure to help. Hopefully see you again!

As i’ve mentioned in all of these posts, i had a really wonderful time. Thanks again!

Second Day….

Well it was my second day at the Cedar Foundation today. I was a little late at coming, through no fault of Cedar or myself. Anyway as long as i got there.

I was teaching a lady that i knew since i was a little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was great to hear how she was. Well i taught her how to correct words in Microsoft Word, using JAWS. We had a bit of trouble at the start, but eventually got used to it. She was a great learner and good crack. Just so happy to see her again.

Tomorrow is my last day, boo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwww well, i can go there for three days of work experience, all being well.. I’m working with another JAWS user tomorrow.

I’m having such a great time!!!!! To anyone reading, thanks sooooooooooooooooooo much. It’s soooooo class!!!!

First Day….

Today was my first day at the Cedar Foundation. Well, i really enjoyed it. I was there for 2 hours. I was doing a demonstration with JAWS.

I showed the IT officer how to get to the desktop, switch to different windows, use Microsoft Word, how to select things, how to use the Keyboard Help, how to use the general help, how to speed up JAWS and how to use the internet. I also showed him a web browser called
which i talked about in a previous entry.
He was very impressed. He wants me to go on work experience with him as it is related to social work.

I’m going back on Thursday. Can’t wait. Just would like to say thank you to the Cedar Foundation for having me!!!!!!!!!

Update On The Cedar Foundation….

a Recent Post
i was telling you about me going to volunteer at The Cedar Foundation. Well i’ve found out more about it. I am going tomorrow, possibly Thursday, and Friday for 2 hours. I’ve found out that i will be teaching the IT officer about JAWS. It will be good. Apart from that, that’s all i know i’ll be doing. Can’t wait!!!!!! Should be class. Will keep ya posted!!

Evaluating Websites For The Cedar Foundation

A couple of months ago, a group of young people, which i am a part of, were invited to
The Cedar Foundation
to evaluate websites on how user friendly, and attractive the websites were to young people. Well by the end of it, the people who organised it, were asking me how accessible they were. We discussed how accessible they were, and that was that.

Now, i’ve recently been asked to go back. This time, however, i’m purely evaluating websites for their accessibility. I don’t even know what websites i’ll be evaluating. I can’t wait. I’ll let you all know how i get on!!!! Wish me luck!!!!!