The Waiting Game: Guide Dog Worries And Questions

I just had to post this. I know i haven’t finished the other entries yet, but i just had some burning questions i would throw at you.

I have been on the waiting list for roughly a year now. This is great, but there are times when i just get so bored!!!!

Also, sometimes i think that the guide dog won’t work. Not that it won’t work, but that i am expecting too much. I know that it will give me a hell of alot more independence, but i’m just worried that i won’t go out on my own, for example. I know that you Have to go out when you have the dog, but i have never really gone out totally on my own with the cane at the mo. I’m just worried that i will want someone with me for the first few days. I know that this will happen when i first qualify (i want to do this just to get used to being qualified and working with the dog), but i hope to god that i have the confidence to get out there totally on my own. How though will i get that confidence?

This is a stupid question, but how does one “bond” with the dog? Whenever i go off to training, we will get our dogs, and “bond” for a while until we learn to start going arounnd the hotel with them. This is what i’m guessing anyway. I think we get the dogs on the Tuesday morning in the first week, but what can one do to bond with the dog? That was a really really really stupid question.

I’m scared that i will make lots of mistakes, and won’t have the confidence to talk to the Guide dog mobility instructors. They are lovely people, but i think i’m just worrying too much.

I am worried too that the dog won’t bond or i won’t bond with it.

Finally, i need to stop feeding my pet dog scraps from the table. i have started putting food into a bag that i don’t eat, but each time i go to say to my parents to think about not feeding the dog, i never seem to manage it.

Am i worrying too much? Is it normal to be worrying a bit while i wait?

I hope to god that it is.

I still deffinetly feel that a dog will benifit me, but sometimes i just worry.

Please comment and put my mind at rest. I think it’s just a case that i am waiting, and i am just finding things to worry about.

I think that’s all my guide dog worries and questions for now anyway.

Thanks for any comments.