This evening we were going to free run Ushi since it was so warm. We decided it would probably be too hot to run her so we went for a walk instead.

I decided not to bring her harness as i thought that it would be too warm again for that. I just had her on lead but i had my halty in my pocket just in case. I didn’t want to use it unless i really really had to.

We went into town first, then went for a walk to a place called the “ecos” centre. The actual centre is just about energy efficient stuff but there are some lovely walks around there.

After a water stop we decided to keep walking on this walk. My sister suggested lengthening Ushi’s lead as if we were going to spend her but keep walking. There was nobody else around and if we saw someone coming i would have shortened her up again. She was having a whale of a time just sniffing when my sister stopped to take photos.

My sister went down near some water to take some better pictures and because Ushi couldn’t see where she had gone to she whined quite a bit before sliding under the gard rail that was put up so she could see more. Thankfully it was grass for a bit so she was okay. We then splashed some of her water over her back to cool her down but she didn’t like this much.

We finally decided to go onto a gravelly beach for more pictures but Ushi wanted to get closer to a very still clear clean river. I let my sister walk her onto the beach and she was grand.

I first of all let Ushi walk around on it for a bit on her long lead, but dad said that if i wanted i could let her off because he would be watching her. Well after a lot of encouragement, she went in, then came out quite a bit. She eventually went in until she was up to her belly. She never once swam, but more waded into the water.

This is huge progress for her. She wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole before! But today her tail was wagging and she kept going in for more. It could have been that she was cooling off but i think she enjoyed herself.

So maybe this could be a place we take her to free run! All i need now is some toys that would float if they were thrown. All her toys at the minute are too heavy or are cuddley. So any recommendations would be good apart from balls.

I’m so pleased she got the courage to go into the water as that was just what she needed! Well done Ushi!