An Invasion Of Guide Dogs!

A couple of months ago, I was in
And i just happened to have Ushi with me. We got talking, and the staff in our local store really liked Ushi. The next time i was in one woman in particular, (I’ll call her E) asked if i would come in and do a talk or something with Ushi. I said i would be happy to and told them to ask the branch organiser of our branch.

It wasn’t long before a date was set, and we were invited by E to have an information table on Saturday the 16th June. We weren’t allowed to sell any stock, but we were allowed to sell little guide dog pins as it said on the box that you could make a suggested donation of a pound to have one. I orriginally thought it would be for the whole day but we were only there from 1 o’clock until 3.

So yesterday me, Ushi and the branch organiser arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed.

All the staff had to come over and give Ushi some love. E in particular would have spent all day there if there were no customers.

About half way through there just happened to be a crowd of about 20 guide dogs in the centre. They all had come down from belfast to shop and for a meal. Thankfully they all didn’t come into the shop as that could have been interesting! About four dogs and their owners did come in though. One lady recognised me from the Talking busses pilot we attended last year. The dogs who did visit us were called Truffle, Keeta, Dylan and Eric. Ushi and the dogs all had a little roll around the floor and Ushi wanted to follow them out of the shop.

We raised £49 out of selling pins, and tomorrow i am going to the mother and toddler group that E runs in Waterstones. Plus we have been invited back to sell our range of stationery!

It was a brilliant day and i think it is a good opportunity possibly for fundraising and even some volunteers in the future. Thanks for having me! I’ll let you know how the mother and toddler group goes.