The "Fix The Web" Initiative

Sorry if you have seen this before, but it sounds really cool!

I was listening to
Last Weeks’ In touch
On radio 4, and heard the item about the “fix the web” initiative which has been launched. I read about it on a blog somewhere, (Was it maybe you Ro?). Can’t remember.

I didn’t really understand how it worked, but thought i’d give it a go, as I’d really like to play the
Application on
Which has alot of flash content.

To report an inaccessible site, you can either
Report it using the simple form,
Send an email to
Or use the hashtags #fixtheweb and #fail
on Twitter.

When you report a website, there is a team of volunteers who contact the owners of that website and give them hints and such on how to make their websites accessible to people with a disability.

I thought this was pritty cool! You can report as many websites as you want, and no personal information is taken from you.

I thought this might be useful for alot of people. Let’s hope it has some affect.

I particularly thought of you Ro as I know you are quite interested in this kind of stuff.

Who knows what could happen with this!