I Never Thought I’d Long For A Capcha!

I was on MSN about a week ago with
And she told me about something that will read the majority of
So I decided to try it out. I had to download
Though. I was a bit cautious about downloading it, since the last time I downloaded it, there were a lot of toolbars that were installed too. This time though, it seems alright. It’s much faster too!!!!!!!!!! I’ve still kept Internet explorer though.

So anyway, once I had firefox installed, I had to get
Web Visum
Which is the add on for the Capchas.
Invited me to join Web visum. Then I registered. I had to enter an activation code in the box which is provided in the invite email. If you don’t know anyone using Web Visum, you can
For a request.

It is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again

If you need help using it, just comment.