Don’t Be A Fool Like Me

I still can’t believe how stupid i was even four days later! I suppose i should explain what happened. Please don’t explain how stupid i was in the comments, as i know how stupid i was!

So on Sunday afternoon I went for a walk with Ushi. We were stopped by a lovely gentleman who chatted away to me about all things. He used to be a farmer but retired a couple years ago. He said that he lived pretty near me and i said yeah and the estate where i live. We chatted away some more, and he ended with “Is it okay if i send you a christmas card?”. I thought sure, what’s the harm in a man wanting to send a card every so often? I said yes and he asked me what my house number was. I was that caught up in the conversation the house number was out before i knew it! We parted ways after that and i mentally kicked myself.

What was i thinking? That’s one of the things you learn not to do is give out that information! I keep going round and round the conversation. I then kept thinking about all the things that can happen if someone knows your address. All the burglaries you hear about at christmas? Could this happen? Would he be waiting outside for me one day? Would i come back from a walk at some point to find him? Would he keep sending me things?

I said to dad and he just said okay. So i’m not sure he registered what i had done. So every time the door goes i’m kind of panicking a bit. Every time the post goes i’m panicking. I still keep kicking myself big time. How stupid was i? I hate seeing the good side in people all the time!

He seemed genuine though and he wasn’t slurring his words or anything. I couldn’t smell drink off him either.

Nothing has happened yet but is he just waiting for the right time? I’m just so paranoid. I wish i could forget it but i can’t. I suppose the good thing is if i’m on my own i could always put the security bolt on the door which was put in for the elderly woman who was here before us.

But i’m really hoping nothing happens. What a stupid fool!

So my advice is don’t be a fool like me! I will be much more careful next time someone talks to me and wants to send me a christmas card!