Second Part Of The Word Processing Exam

Back In November
I told you about the word processing exam I had. Well today was the second part of that exam. I didn’t know there was two parts.

The exam was shorter than I thought it would be. So short, in fact, that I finished 40 minutes early. Woohoo. That’s another exam over.

By the way, I passed the other one!!!!!!!!! So that along with todays will get me a certificate in level one word processing.

Yet another one to add to the CV.

Word Processing Exam….

Today I had a word processing exam. It is split in to two parts. I did the first part today.

There were three documents that had to be typed out. There was a letter, a memo and a passage. All three were relatively easy.

I will do the second part sometime after christmas. This will get me a level 1 qualification in word processing. We will also be doing the level two sometime.

We did the exam last year, but the marking people failed us!!!!!!

Hope it will be better this time round!!