Yaktrax-Anyone Used Them?

Unfortunately over the last couple of days it has gotten much colder. This has braught home the fact that the old snow and ice will be on the way soon..

I hated how bad it was last year. It was totally horrible!! I am kind of dreading it this year, because the more snow/ice the less I can work Ushi, which I don’t want at all!!!

My friend baught a pair of “yaktrax” last year. These are rubber things that slip on over your regular shoes. They have little coils of metal or something on them to give you a better grip on the ice. The coils are curly so they don’t harm a doggies paws. Sorry this is just a brief description, but
This Website
Might tell you more. (Or else I could get my friend to email me about them and put it up here!). I think the website will give you more info though.

What I am really wondering about is have any of you guys used these? Are they worth paying the £20 for? Are they effective?

I’m seriously considering investing in a pair, but i’m just looking on oppinions first.

Thanks, and while you’re at it, does anyone own a “B type” guide dog harness? It has a wide handle? I just ask because I was a bit bored last night and took off my handle. I’m not sure if i put it on the right way (didn’t work Ushi today). I think the bend goes to the left? Thanks again guys.