A Mindful Yoga Morning With Cloud Nine NI

On Saturday morning, i attended a mindful yoga morning ran by my yoga teacher at Cloud Nine NI.

I first started attending the yoga classes by Cloud Nine NI about two years or so now. I did used to attend another yoga class

Up in Belfast but decided that i wanted something a little closer to home as it was quite a trek up and down. Initially, i didn’t mind, but it got to be that i wasn’t home until about half 11 at night. Thankfully, this class is only a 20 minute walk away from my house which is far better. I had always been interested in attending the monthly yoga mornings, but things never quite worked out for me to attend until recently.

I was picked up by another person who was attending the morning at about a quarter past 8. We arrived in

<a href=”http://www.laraghlodge.co.uk”>Laragh Lodge</a>

Which was our base for the morning by about a quarter to 9 which was just enough time to get set up and ready for a lovely yoga class to start the morning. As usual, the class didn’t disappoint, and we were nicely chilled and relaxed for the rest of the days’ activities.

We all then headed to the restaurant next door where we had some beautiful home made shortbread with tea and coffee.

After a lot of chatting, we headed off in to the forest for our walk. I was a little apprehensive about this as it had been a while since i’d done that walk and i couldn’t remember what it was like. Thankfully, it wasn’t too challenging. The walk we did took us on a path where 3 waterfalls joined each other. It was a bit hilly with quite a lot of steps to go up to get to the top where it loops back round to the start. The steps were built on the hill so they were quite irregular. Thankfully they were well maintained and there was a fence to hold on to as you went up.

We stopped along the way at different points such as to hear the rush of the waterfalls tumbling over the rocks, to the little well where people would have thrown money in to it and made a wish. People used to tie strips of cloth and when the cloth fell in to the water, it was believed that peoples’ ailments and illnesses disappeared with it. Unfortunately though, people had hung a lot of plastic there instead which ruined the look of it and the legend a bit too.

After this brief stop, we climbed up again yet more steps. I think there is about 150 steps until you get to the top but with breaks in between.

Our next stop was where we discovered 7 little metal rings screwed in to the cliff side that made up the wall of the waterfalls. As you passed each one, you had to ring it to let the people of the forest know you were coming so that you would be given entry in to the little garden at the top.

Eventually, we got to the bit that was like a garden right at the top of the walk.

We paused for a minute just to take in the sights, smells and stillness of the place. Some of the group had picked blackberies and had to chew them and think about their texture and taste. We then practiced a yoga pose called “tree pose” where you stand like a tree to ground us.

We then walked a bit further to see if we could see any red squirrels. Unfortunately, none were out, but we learnt all about why the red squirrels are being protected and about how the grey ones can kill the red ones because they are bigger and carry a disease which kills the red squirrels. We were then given a hazel nut and got to crack open the shell with a stone. We took the shells home though as they could cause contamination for the squirrels. We then had to burry our hazel nuts in a tree as apparently they really do like the nuts.

We started to head back to where we’d started from after that as it was nearly lunch time. Unfortunately the stillness was broken on our way back by a group of people showing off their Lamborghini cars in the car park which somewhat ruined the peacefulness.

We arrived back at the Laragh lodge for some lunch after that. I had a steak sandwich with chips, followed by tea and coffee and some delicious little brownie bites which again were home made. It was about 2 o’clock by the time we were all heading home.

I would like to thank everyone for their hospitality and willingness to guide me. It was a lovely way to spend a morning, and i am so glad i got the opportunity to attend. If you would like to find out more information about the morning itself,

<a href=”https://discovernorthernireland.com/Glens-of-Antrim-Yoga-Tour-Glenariffe-Ballymena-P72120/

“>you can click here</a>

And to find out about Cloud Nine NI, you can

<a href=”http://www.cloudnineni.co.uk”>click here</a>