Starting Yoga

As i mentioned in my last post i told you that i had heard about yoga at the park run thing.

We have been attending Yoga for the past two weeks. I haven’t decided what i think of it to be honest. I have decided to go though as i have baught the matt and i want to get some use out of it. The class is somewhere on the Ormeau road from 8 to half 9 and people just drop in every week. It costs £6 each night so that’s not too bad. The lady who teaches it is lovely and there is a place where we can tie the dogs too. Ushi was a bit unsettled the first week but she was alright this week. The thing i find hard is the breathing and actually getting in the zone. I think too because i’m only doing it once a week too it’s hard. I tried to do the breathing every night when i went to bed but i was starting to think of it as a chore which is something i don’t want to do at all. I haven’t really noticed any benifits either and sometimes feel like i’m just doing the yoga for the sake of it but i have to remind myself that it’s early days with it. I’ll have to see if there is an accessible yoga app i can get as i think if i practiced it at home i might not think of it as a chore.

I’m going to keep going for a few weeks though as i really don’t want to give up on it so soon.

I would like to thank the yoga teacher Valery in particular for being so patient and the guy Kevin who always meets us at the bus and gives us perfectly clear directions to get the bus to the studio. Let me know if there are any accessible yoga apps out there for beginners. Thanks.