The 17th Round of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

I’m cheating a little and just reblogging this, but here are the submissions for the 17th assistance dog blog carnival. It was a very hard topic to write about, and nobody wants to face up to those regrets. If you have any, you push them to the back of your mind and tell yourself not to be silly. The posts are very interesting so far.

I must thank Brook, for putting them up so quickly-the deadline was only yesterday. Well done to all who took part. Deffinetly some food for thought :).

so here they are, the submissions for the 17th round of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival. First, let’s go visit Briony and Rigby over at Briony Waffling and take a look at their post titled There’s No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk. In her post, Briony reflects upon her relationship with her former guide Lilo,…

The 17th round of the assistance dog blog carnival