Perfectly Pampered

Today i attended the South Eastern Regional College for a pampering day. The morning was organised by the RNIB and the college as they had ran some visual awareness training for the staff and students late last year.

I got the 9 o’clock train this morning, before getting on the train to Bangor, where the other ladies were from the group, before walking down to the college. The college seems very moddern and new from first impressions. When we arrived, we were all led in to the professional beauty sallon where we could decide what treatments we fancied. There were a lot to choose from, such as a full body massage, a facial, nail polish, or a thing called micro dermabration i think it was called. I chose the full body massage.

I was letd in to a private cubicle where i was asked to take off everything apart from my underwear. I was then shown the couch where i had to lie on my tummy first of all. The student who was working on me was called Katy and she was brilliant. She constantly asked me if i was comfortable, and explained everything that she was doing.. I then lay on my back to get the same done again. I must say, it was lovely. I haven’t had a massage in years.

After i was nicely relaxed, it was time to get dressed again, before i got my nails painted. Again, i haven’t gotten my nails painted in years. I chose a nice red colour for my nails. Everybody said it suited me.

Once all of us had our treatments, we posed for a photograph before heading to the North Down Musium for some lunch before getting our respective trains home again.

It was a lovely way to spend a morning, i must say. The college are also open for the public on a Friday from 12 until 3 i think for people to get a treatment. The prices etc can be found

I would like to thank the staff and students once again for having us. It was brilliant :).