Final Post Here

It looks like i’ve been switched to the new Blogger interface. I mentioned in
An earlier Entry
About this and how inaccessible it looked. You’ll also find in that post a link to the post i wrote on wordpress.

Anyway over the past few days alot of people on twitter said that they had been switched, but then they said that they could still switch back. When i looked last night i had the old interface which was good.  But now I have the new one.

When you go into your blog it looks okay until you go to your dashboard or create a new post, then it’s just horrible. So i’m writing this through email.

I hope i can eddit it if i want to add tags. I think we can still read posts, but i don’t know if that will be the same for long.

So i guess until they decide to get this horrible thing fixed, i’m going over to wordpress. All my posts are over there already as i don’t want to lose
any of it. I have alot of information here so don’t want to lose. Plus i like to look back at things and think that i couldn’t be bothered blogging at
all if i couldn’t continue from where i left off. So you will see the same stuff for a while. I only moved to blogger a few years ago because nobody
was on live journal and thought blogger was pritty good. Obviously not!

So for those of you looking to follow the rest of my journey, my new address is
I’ll start deleting old posts if i can, and only leave this one here. I really do hope that they do get this fixed.

So i’ll hopefully see you at my new blog! Oh and you’ll probably see this post on my new blog too.

Bloggers Big Problem

Back in November, Blogger announced that it was making some changes to its interface. It was horribly inaccessible when people looked, so I started to consider my options. I decided that
Might be my only option, but alot of people don’t like it. So with the help of VcCarin, who showed me some of the things, I wrote
This post
Which explains how to get started on wordpress.

Since i hadn’t heard of anything, i thought that maybe they wouldn’t move after all, but noticed a few days ago that it said “Blogger is getting a new look in April. Upgrade now”. I started thinking very seriously then. I had a look on Bloggers official blog, and
Here is the post
Explaining how fantastic this new interface will be.

I decided to try out the new interface and found it okay to start with. That was until i went to create a post. Only one of the form fields was labeled. When you went to press Enter to take a new line. It took me out of the box. So i think they still have a long way to go yet.

Away at the bottom of the page there is a form that says “send feedback”. It is not a link but you can enter on it. I was going to send them feedback today but however it decided to crash firefox. So i tweeted @Blogger instead.

I really hope that blogger listen to concerns from its customers. I’ve heard of two or three people who may not continue blogging because of it which is a real shame. I even considdered this myself, but feel that alot of my life is on this blog and i would like it to look back on. I know i don’t really blog as much as i used to but i still do like to blog important things. I hope that i still want to blog when i get wordpress. I have imported all my entries to wordpress so at least they are there.

There are other sites such as
And something called
For blogging, or else you could always blog by email or use the mobile site but i don’t know if that is changing too.

So i may not keep blogging here at blogger, but my blog will be at wordpress. I just have too much stuff to lose on my blog that maybe someone might find useful. I’ll post my new address once i am sure that i am moving.

I hope the people who might not blog might be able to again.

I’ll let you know what happens. Hopefully blogger will listen to our concerns!

Backing Up Blogger

Over the last few days, Blogger has decided to have some major issues. I think it was about Thursday when it started.

I first noticed it when i went to log into my dashboard to check up on my blogs i’m following. It said that it was “currently not available” or something like that. A few hours later I went to check if
My last post
Had got any more comments. It had disappeared! I was really disappointed, so asked on Twitter, and apparently lots of people were having the same problem. It came back yesterday, but there were no comments on the post. (I had comments before).

I thought it was time I maybe backed up my blog in case it happened again. (My posts aren’t that important, but I would want them to look back on and that). So after searching on google for “Backing up blogger”, I came across
This Article
Which had some tips on how to back up your blog, including a
Handy Tool
That will back up your blog for you. You basically type in your blogs URL and it goes and fetches it, then saves it. You can then view it like an online website, but it is the exact back up of your blog. The download link is
(There is a tool for Macs too on the page with the article).

Using The Win HT Track Website Coppier

I won’t go into how to install the application, because you all probably know how to do it, but i’ll go through how to submit your blog. Here goes:

1. Once you install the program, it will start automatically. When it starts it says “Win Ht Track Website Copier- [new project one]”. It then has a “next” button. Basically the message on the screen says to press “next” to continue. (You will need the JAWS cursor to read the blurb for each step). Press Enter on the “Next” button. (Tab to get to it if you’re not already there).

2. Once you click “Next” an “edit combo” box will come up. This is the “project name” field. I just typed in “My blog”. Press Tab once and you’ll come to the “project catigry” box. I just wrot “Blog”. Tab until you get to “Next” again.

3. There is an “Edit” box but i don’t know what this is for. Tab once and you’ll get to the “Action” combo box. This is where you can choose from a number of actions. (If you are starting a new project it will select the “download website” option, but if you are resuming a download, it will choose a different option so you don’t really need to bother with this box). If you Tab again there is a “Add URL” button, but just ignore this. Tab until you get to the “URL list” and type in your blog. Then Tab until you get to “Next” again.

4. This last step has loads of stuff you don’t need, so just tab until you get to the “finish” button and press Enter. Your blog will then be copied onto your computer. The default location is “My websites” but you’ll have to search.

Once the blog has copied it will then let you “view” it.

I hope this is easy enough to understand. If not, please do let me know. It’s my first time trying it, so i’m just going on what I did. I think it is worth backing up the blog every once in a while though!

Four Years Already?

Did I really set up my blog four years ago today? Apparently I did!

When I first started blogging, I didn’t really think much of it. I just thought it was cool, and everyone else seemed to be doing it. I researched my options, and was going to go with
But I couldn’t really work it. I remembered reading a blog on something called “Live journal”, so decided to search for that. Up it came, and it seemed to be the most accessible platform.

I was very immature then in my writing, and thankfully I think I have massively improved. I always reflect around this time of year, just making sure I still write sensible things, and that i’m not just writing for the sake of it.

I was known as “rop_heart” on Live journal (I liked medical words at the time lol and thought it sounded cool).

I have grown out of that phase thankfully, and am now known as “The big-t” which sounds much cooler. You will know me as “torie” though.

In about May last year, I decided to move to blogger, simply because I knew more people on blogger. What a job it was transferring all my entries over here though! I had to physically copy and paste each entry and backdate it, as I couldn’t find a tool that transferred Live journal entries to blogger.

So for any new readers, I hope you enjoy the blog, and sorry for all the guide dog entries lol. I just think it would be a good way to keep a record of all the steps I take on my journey with my new dog Ushi.

I hope to welcome many new readers to my world over the next coming year, and to all the old ones-hopefully you’ll still stick around!

Following blogs

I recently looked at my followers list, to discover that i had got a couple more followers.  I tried to access them, but JAWS just says “graphic” and then the persons name.
How do i click on new blogs that have followed me and i don’t know the link?  What i mean is that i can’t click on the link.  I asked at the blogger help forum, but couldn’t reply to the post that someone posted!!!  There was a “post reply” button, but whenever i clicked on that, it said something like “you can’t post without posting a reply” or something.  There was no text eddit box though!!!
So is there any way of clicking on people who have followed me, or do i just have to wait until some kind soul gives me the link?  I wish the followers were like on Twitter lol.  Maybe we all should suggest that…..

A Little About My Blog

Hey. it’s me again. I just thought i’d give you a little info on what my blog will be about and maybe ask some questions. I will hopefully be bringing my old posts from my old journal over here, or else i will just type them out, starting from the most recent ones. Sorry guys, it’ll probably mean three and a half years of posts in one page, and all at the top of the page!!!


My blog will consist of what ever i feel like writing about. Usually, it is about my life, including my journey of applying for my first guidedog (which i am currently on the waiting list for), and just general life. Each Sunday, i will post the weeks spoilers for
The Archers
Which is a soap. I always will post telling people that i will be posting the spoilers, and i will let you know where i get them from. If you don’t want to read these, don’t worry, you can skip them. If you don’t want me to post them, i won’t. From the word “Tasters” will be where i have taken the post from the website. I get the spoilers from

The Catch up section
Of the website. This website is not related to the BBC though.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the entries, even if you don’t like the archers ones!!!

Now, how do i write labels in here, as i’m still using emails, and how do i import my entries from my other blog?

See you all around!!!

Just A Test-For The Umpteenth Time

Hello. This is just a test post. I can post by email, but can’t seem to post yet by using the actual site. I have spent the last while just trying to set up the email posts lol.

I look forward to posting this, and hope that it works this time!!!!