How Are The Two Dogs?

Yesterday I told you all about how I introduced Ushi to Ash, and that they seemed to get on.

Well dad braught her up today. She first of all sniffed around, then went out to the kitchen to drop her load. That was exactly what Ushi did yesterday too, so maybe they were marking their teratory? It’s a bit weird that they both decided to drop their loads as a greeting. I think Ushi was just holding on, though.

After about an hour, I braught Ushi down to see Ash again. Their tails were waggling away. They basically ignored each other. Lots of sniffing of bums has happened throughout the day by Ushi, but as one enters the room, the other one goes out of the room!

I would much rather have this though, as it’s far far far better than growling or anything like that. Maybe i’m just being crazy for thinking this? I do think that it will work though. There is absolutely no growling or anything like that at all. I think it is mainly the size difference that is making Ash so nervous. I’m not worried about them though, and if something was going to happen surely would it not have happened by now?

My brothers love her, and she seems settled. She is lying on her bed at the moment downstairs, and Ushi is up here chewing her nylabone. (Ash can’t get up the stairs, bless her).

So here’s to a successful mix with them, and hopefully it stays that way! Sorry for the post being so short, but I just thought i’d update you all on what the situation is with them.

I’m not sure if I should let the team know of guide dogs, but at the end of the day, as long as it’s not affecting Ushi workwise, then they shouldn’t be too worried and it can wait til the next aftercare later this month.

One more thing before I go-Ushi has a bed that’s like a big pillo thingie. The cover can be washed in the washing machine, but the bed is getting a bit wiffy. What can I use on the main bed part? I’d be scared of it falling apart if I put it in the wash. Even just something to spray on it to take away the wiff and kill any bacteria? It would have to be something pet friendly as she is quite a licker.