RNIB Complaint

I wrote this email to
Earlier today. It probably doesn’t make sense and is probably written badly, but it’s away now.

Dear RNIB fundraising

I was directed to an advert you have produced about helping a little girl called Emma.

I find the way the advert was done was quite offensive and upsetting. I think the advert puts out a very bad message to the public. It portrays us as helpless and that all blind and partially sighted people are badly disabled.

I do not know what it is like to lose my sight as i am blind from birth, but i felt that the way the child was portrayed was very over the top. Yes you have some great services like the talking books and the library service, but i think there are certain parts that will portray a very bad message to the public.

Blind and partially sighted people should be portrayed as normal children. Yes i understand it is hard losing your sight as a child, but it could have maybe shown the child adapting to her circumstances etc. if a parent saw that advert and they had just received the news that their child had a sight problem, i’m sure they would find it very upsetting.

I would urge maybe a consultation by blind and partially sighted people before any future advert is put out for viewing. While you can’t please everyone, i deffinetly think it might help and could make the advert possibly more affective.


Torie Tennant

I wonder what their reply will be! Even American tweeters are disgusted.