Marlie Update

I wrote earlier about
Marlie and her pups
And how poor Marlie was not a well girl.

Well when i did write last Marlie was doing well. Unfortunately on Friday she was going down hill fast. She hadn’t moved all day and her liver was beginning to fail. So the vets said that mum was to send her over the bridge if she was no better by Saturday.

When mum went up on Saturday however, Marlie got up and walked over to her. The vet said that was the first time she had got up since Friday. So mum couldn’t put her down. So the vet gave her an injection of antibiotics and said that if she didn’t eat and hadn’t improved by monday she should be braught back in.

To be honest i wasn’t sure bringing her home was a good idea. I thought it would be easier for everyone if she was put down then and there as she just lay around. I went into see her on Saturday night in mums room and she was roasting. She just lay there. I suggested to mum trying to get some puppy milk into her. Mum got 8 suringes into her! I really thought she’d go on her own on Saturday night. She did get up to pee though so that was good.

Yesterday she was still here but not as warm. Mum was feeding her little pieces of cooked ham, which she ate and they stayed down. Mum did tell me something very very worrying though last night when she said she hadn’t peed all day. I said she’d deffinetly need to take her to the vet tomorrow because it didn’t sound good. My sister braught up her lead and she wouldn’t move at first, but then something clicked and she sprang into action and rushed down stairs. Mum also made up something with egg yolk, puppy milk and water and suringed it to her. Again it stayed down.

Today however it’s a totally different picture. She has eaten yet more ham, and mum has baught chicken too. She’s went out to pee 5 or 6 times, and when she’s standing she’s not immediately needing to lie down again. And she is really wagging hard! Mum phoned the vet today and they were amazzed she’s survived. Mum is picking up antibiotics tomorrow to give her.

Unfortunately her teat has kind of split a little, but mums been cleaning around the area with salt water. Even that had died down though today and it’s nowhere near as big as it was. She’s only warm around the teat now rather than her whole body. She has a very long road ahead of her, but we’re hoping it’s a positive sign.

She has lost so so much weight though. I could put two hands through her collar if i really wanted to. Her ribs and spine are clearly visible.

Thanks everyone for the prayers and well wishes for her. It must have worked! Well hopefully anyway. It’s hard to believe something as simple as a scratch or a scrape from a pup could be so devistating in such a short space of time.

Fingers crossed she’s on the up!

This Time Last Year…Going Home

I couldn’t believe that last year, we
Arrived home
From class after two weeks of class. We had done a walk before we went home, but my instructor wanted me to do the walk i had trouble with the previous day but i wanted to end on a high so i did a walk with more distractions.

At home, we unfortunately we ran into a few problems with our then pet dog Sally. She had been the only dog for years, so didn’t like a new dog coming into the house. Dispite us keeping the two apart, which was harder than it sounded, she just had to go in the end because on the second day of “Home training” which i will cover over the next couple of weeks, it was clear that they just wouldn’t get on. I’ll write more on that day otherwise i’ll have nothing really to write about in the home training part.

I barely moved a muscle that first weekend, as i was afraid that if i left her then she could get stressed or something. Because of Sally we had to keep Ushi upstairs, so i decided to put her bed up stairs. I’ve never managed to bring it downstairs a year later lol. Ushi would probably be grand downstairs, but i keep her bed upstairs in case she needs me or whatever in the middle of the night, plus i can just reach over and give her a pet if i want.

Ushi still spends most of her time upstairs, but i do let her go down sometimes. I’m probably selfish, but i am mostly upstairs so she’ll stay up usually. If she has been downstairs she’ll get bored and come back up again after a while.

Ushi is grand with the guinny pigs now, whereas the first day she was very jumpy and couldn’t quite figure out what these strange squeaky things were. I still don’t let anyone take the guinny pigs out in front of her though, as if Ushi got exxcited, we could then have swallowed guinny pigs and that wouldn’t be good.I am now confident enough to leave her at least once a day and when I come back i don’t find anything unusual, and she has a big waggy tail. I think it is better to leave your dogs sometimes so they do get used to being left. It’s hard to do though, and i was so worried the first time i left ushi but thankfully she was grand.

I think that in my situation, it was better that i was and am still living at home. I know this doesn’t work in all situations, but i feel that for a first guide dog owner it is so important that you have the support of your family. I must thank mine for being so wonderful over the past year. To my mum who has been great and understanding in what i need her to do to make sure that everything went smoothly such as keeping food off the floor, making sure nothing is dropped, picking up her business (I still haven’t done that yet as i wouldn’t know if i would find it among the grass). Plus the thought of it is horrible. I need a scoop or something that way i wouldn’t have to touch it. I’ll have to learn how to do it soon though as i might be going away for a weekend with her at the end of October. Any tips for picking up? I know some people use a bag and turn it inside out.

I would like to thank my dad who will teach me new routes if i need them, goes free running with me, helps me give her her worming tablets, checks her over if she has a cut or anything, cleans her ears if they get a bit dirty as i would be scared of hurting her, describes toys that i might be interested in buying for her, finds grass for me if we take her out with us, and is just awesome.

My sister is awesome too, and will only be too happy to give ushi some attention, who knows that i do everything, who went out with me after Ushi was attacked just until i got my confidence back, and who is just awesome as well.

I really can’t believe that a year ago we were just coming home, but now we are hopefully a strong partnership and have a great bond!

The next time i write will be the “home training” part of our training together. (We train for two weeks, then train for a couple of weeks at home before we qualify as a team). It is different in other organisations though.

I hope you’ll stick with me for the next couple of weeks.