Puppy Pictures!

A few days ago Ushi’s puppywalker emailed me some photos of her as a pup. I’m not even sure if I should be putting these up, but I thought you would all like to see them. I’m sure this will be okay me putting these up.

There are quite alot of them, so sorry. Thanks again


For the descriptions. I promise these will be the last you’ll have to do for a while! Anyway here are the pictures….


Calendar Girl!

Our guide dog team, like many others, are selling calendars for christmas this year. I was asked a few days ago if I would like a CD with Ushi’s pictures from the calendar. Not being one to knock up such an opportunity, I said yes!

The CD arrived today. There are only three pictures though. I’m not sure what month Ushi is in as I haven’t got the calendar yet. Here are the photos hopefully. Thanks
For the descriptions!

I hope you like those photos. Thanks again Terry for the descriptions.

In other news, we have just these past couple of days had really bad conditions. It started snowing yesterday for a bit. It was more sleet though. This morning it has been rather slippy underfoot. I thought it was going to be so bad that I couldn’t work Ushi. I was in fact able to work her, even if it was just the short route. I don’t want to be just using the short route though-otherwise we could be doing that all winter long!

Tonight it was so icey that I had to litterally go one step at a time down to the garden for Ushi’s spending! Must have taken us about 10 minutes to get down there. Well maybe not that long, but far longer than it should have. I took a step, then got Ushi to “steady” all the way down. The last thing we would need would be to fall on our arses going down! Mum said that Ushi kept watching the ground lol. She was probably wondering why we were going so slow!

Remember ages ago I told you about how we were getting our kitchen re done by our housing organisation? Well it was meant to be in January, but it has been moved forward to just over a week from now! I am dreading it to be honest. It’s going to be total chaos. Basically, they are knocking down one of our kitchen walls. Our kitchen is being made bigger, so will be all open plan with the dining room. It’ll be nothing but noise and hell! Maybe that’s an exageration, but they will have to re do the heating and all too.

Luckily enough there is another way to get out to the garden for Ushi’s sake, rather than having to take her through the kitchen where god kknows what state it’ll be in!

In response to
My last entry
In which I talked about how I thought Ushi was too gentle with me and her coming back, I tried a few things. I basically go as far back as I can, throw one of her toys, and have started telling her to “come”. She lies a few feet away with it, then I get it off her. I could always use a treat or someting to get her to come right up? What do you reckon? I’ll see what happens. Thanks for the comments on that by the way.

I just thought i’d just keep you all up to date, and my main reason for posting was of course the pictures! I hope you all enjoy them, and I know the descriptions prob don’t do it justice, but hopefully they will be okay for totally blind guys!

I hope also that the ice doesn’t last too long here! Want to do more of my routes!