The Ulster Blind Sports Network Needs Your Feedback

I got sent this the other day and thought I would post about it.

The Ulster Blind Sports Network is a new scheme that has been set up to provide more sporting opportunities for blind and partially sighted people in Northern Ireland. I think it is made up of other sporting organisations such as Disability sports Northern Ireland, RNIB, Sports Northern Ireland and a couple of other organisations. They are looking for people to fill in an annonimous suvey to see how they can improve sport for people in Northern Ireland. I hope some good comes of it. It would be good. You don’t have to be sporty to fill it in. It can do no harm.

Her’s the survey

I’m sure they would appreciate your feedback!

Should The Assistance Dog Blog Carnival Be By Monthly?

I think this is being asked alot on blogs and such at the minute.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the 2nd assistance dog blog carnival over at
Dogs’ Eye View
I think it was quite a success, and there are some great posts. (I still haven’t made it through all of them-got rather side tracked). Last week I was throwing the idea of me hosting a carnival one day. I even had the theme picked out and all. So I left a comment over at
After Gadget
Who was the creator of the carnival. She emailed me saying that she was going to write a post about whether the carnival should be by monthly instead of quarterly like it is now. If you would be interested in commenting, hop on over to
This post on her blog
And leave her some feedback. I think she has got hosters up until July 2012! By that time though we might not be interested in the carnival any more.

Go let her know your thoughts-i’m sure she’d appreciate them! I must go and try and read through the rest of the carnival posts.