School On Monday….

It’s back to school on Monday. I will be going in to 6th year. Well technicly not, as i am still doing my GCSE’S. Our school takes 3 years to do them. Well at least it’s my last year!!!!

After this year, i will be doing A levels or going to teck. Not quite sure yet. I want to be a social worker.

Is everyone going back on Monday? Would love to know if anyone is still doing there GCSE’S.

Annoying Maths Problem…

Hi. I am preparing to do my GCSE’S next year (i am in fifth year but our school takes 3 years to do them). Today i was doing Maths Today. It was a practice paper. There was a decimal point question. Here’s the problem…

Well when a decimal point is written it is written with a braille dot 2 representing the point. For example, if you were writing the number 4.99, you would write number sign 4, then dot 2, then 99. Well i was always told that that is only the way the people who write the text books write it. I was told to write it with braille dots 4 and 6 together. I have been doing this for years. Today, however, i am told that the way i should write a point is to write it with a braille dot 2. I don’t understand this, As that dot is a comma. Apparently, the way you write a point changes when you do GCSE’S. Nice to be told these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do any of you use? Should i carry on writing the point the way i was shown? (i was shown by a blind maths teacher who has left). I think that as long as the answers are right, it shouldn’t matter what sign you use For a decimal point. should i not use the sign that i am used to? Please help me on this!!!!!