Picking Up The Presents

I figured i’d write this question in a blog as not all my readers would want to read about this, and also it’s too long to post on Twitter. If you’re a bit grossed out easily or are about to have food, it might be best to skip this topic.

From the 21st to the 23rd of this month, I am off to
The Share Centre
For a pampering weekend. It is mainly for kids, but one of the women from
Angel Eyes Northern ireland
Is taking her daughter down and asked me if i would want to go. I said yes and emailed the organisers and that to make sure it was okay. They said yes so all i need to do now is just pack.

It should be a good weekend and i’ve decided to take Ushi. I can’t wait to see just how she’ll get on since this will be the first time taking her away anywhere. I’m just going to really play it by ear and have asked that some of the time when we are in our chalet if i can let ushi off her lead. I would hate to have her on her lead for the whole weekend.

Along with bringing Ushi comes the rather unpleasant task of picking up presents left by her. There is a dog run there and i am determined to use it! (Ushi doesn’t do concrete for her spends unless she is desperate). I’m hoping that because other dogs use it she might. There is always grass if she absolutely won’t go though since the run is there, I may as well use it. I have heard of people tying plastic bags to their feet and picking up with their hand inside the bag. I’m just a teensy bit germaphobic and just the though of picking it up is just horrible. (Here at home mum picks it up since she picks up Ashes and ushi does it all over the garden so i’d never know where it was. We have a grass garden but ushi likes to go behind bushes and stuff).

I am not prepared to leave her businesses there though as that would just be irrisponsible and the fact that there is kids there too means i kind of have to pick it up. I won’t be using biodegradable bags (The ones i have are very flimsy) but i will be using plastic bags and i might buy a packet of rubber gloves and a hand sanitiser. I’m sure i’ll be alright after the first pick up, but the thought just grosses me out.

Any tips for a slightly more pleasant experience along with a bit of a squeamish handler?

Other than that, it should be a good weekend but that is the only part i’m not looking forward to. Thanks for any hints!