Working Well

Today a guide dog mobility instructor came to assess how me and Ushi have been getting on since the events of last week. She came at about 11 o’clock.

We were going to go to the shops, but the instructor was a little pushed for time. So we just decided to do the route past the church. I was a little nervous when she said that she would be following in the car (all of the instructors do this so the dog doesn’t see them), but since the attack, I wanted someone behind me to make sure everything went okay. She assured me that she would be right behind me in the car, and if i needed her I could drop the handle. I just had to get on with it really.

I’m pleased to say that it all went grand. She had even got her cheekiness back, which was good to see. More because that’s the Ushi i know rather than it actually being a good thing. At one point she wanted to go down another path. I thought there was an obsticle, so did an off kerb. I knew as soon as we were down off the kerb that we were back up really quickly. I then thought “there’s nothing there” but continued on. She was just being a madam! I was expecting a dog to be behind a gate near the end of our route, but thankfully it wasn’t. It was behind a gate, but it was quite a yappy wee thing.

When we were coming back on our street, there was a car parked. I tried to get her up to the kerb, but there wasn’t room. The owner of the car then came and grabbed me and kind of pushed me lol past it. As long as he got me past it I suppose.

The instructor says that Ushi had a “High tail carriage” which means that her tail was up and she looked happy. She says that at the start of the walk I looked nervous and that I seemed to slow down a little. But after the first five minutes we both looked confident and happy which is good. She says it’s just a matter of getting our confidence back up again.

We then got chatting about toys, and just how Ushi is so hard to please with her toys in that she gets rather bored rather quickly lol. She warned me though not to leave squeaky toys about, as if the dog swallows them she would be seriously ill as the squeak wouldn’t pass and she would need surgery and that sort of thing. I deffinetly wouldn’t want that to happen. Not that i have ever left squeaky toys down for her, I would always throw it and then pick it up again. I would only leave her with a kong or a nylabone or something like that.

I also asked about meeting up with my friend. The last time we met, the two dogs got rather excited. Especially Ushi. I think because my friends dog is around the same age as Ushi, they both wanted a play. She says that she will meet us one day to see how the two of them get on. She also says that when I go inside the door of the shopping centre to put the halty on if I know my friend will be there. I explained that she hates the halty and barely moves when in harness, but she says that if it takes a bit longer to get into the shopping centre, then so be it. As long as i was in complete control.

So now the work begins again. I hope we can get our confidence back up again in no time at all really. I have my quilting to go to tomorrow, so here’s hoping that nothing bad happens again.

My instructor asked me on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, how likely did I think the attack was. I said it was about a 6 or a 6 and a half. She asked if that would decrease over time, but I said not for a while anyway lol.

I’m pleased to say that it went well today. Let’s hope it continues! I can’t wait to start doing more walks when the weather gets nicer and when the evenings get lighter too. The light doesn’t really bother me, but my dad would rather I worked during the day when it was light.

I’m Pleased To say

That the first walk after the attack went surprisingly well! I had my sister go with me for moral support and company. She did alert me to a couple of dogs, but they were both on leads and away from us. There was also a little dog behind a gate but the gate wasn’t open. I was expecting alot of issues, but we had none at all. I think though that i’ll have someone with me up until Monday at least.

A GDMI is coming out on Tuesday just to make sure we’re all cool and to get the incident number they will need when the police take the statement. This is because they keep a record of dog attacks.

I was very pleased with today.

The latest on the investigation is that apparently a local woman who works in our spar, well her son said that he witnessed the attack. He said that it was deffinetly a staffy, and that the owner did not pull it off or come over to me. He is not willing to come forward though which is a bit of a shame. The police are also wanting to issue a statement to the local papers, just to raise awareness of the issue I think, and so that it doesn’t happen again.

My friend says they are being a bit overkill, but I would rather have that so that it didn’t happen again, and that it didn’t happen to anyone else!

I hope to god that when I go solo again that nothing horrible will happen.

Also-I think this is the best news of all-when I was coming home from having been out with my dad, a woman stopped us and said that the dog warden had taken the dog! So happy happy days! It’ll probably not be so good for the dog, but the owner shouldn’t have the dog acting like that! I thought at first that when the woman was talking she was referring to
That stray dog
that was bothering us roughly a month ago on our walk, but my dad said that that didn’t attack us. She then said that it was a staffy so then I knew that it was the dog on Monday.

That at least makes me a bit more happier. I hope that nothing like that ever happens again!

Tomorrow though should be a happier entry, before I tell you any more information about the attack. It’ll be something where I don’t have to think about horrible dogs for a while at least. I’ll give you a clew though-it involves clowns! That’s all you’re getting for now lol. Check tomorrow to see what i’m on about! I just think we need a bit of a break from dogs for a day anyway.