This Time Last Year…More Stops

This time last year
The stops seemed to be getting worse
In fact i was even considering giving up because we weren’t getting anywhere.

I had tried being really positive but it didn’t really work. I discovered that when we went shopping though in a new place she didn’t stop at all.

I was still spending ushi on her lead in the garden but now she goes on her own since i don’t have to chase her or anything any more and she will come straight up again.

My rehab worker had told me that i must persevere with Ushi and to ring the team if i had any problems. I didn’t want to ring them all the time though.

I think it was this time last year when my dad and sister commented on how i walked much faster with Ushi than i did when i was being guided. My sister even suggested that i was walking quicker so i would be matched quicker. That had really annoyed me at the time. Number one i couldn’t really keep that up throughout the whole process, and number two the instructors would have noticed straight on class. They are cool now though.

Her stopping was that bad last year that i wanted to give her back, and i really felt horrible for saying that.

Ushi still stops now, but in my next entry i’ll explain how it stopped. I know she does it now because she is bored.

I’m sorry for so many posts.