This Time Last Year…The First Free Run

Sorry i’m so late posting this. Today just seemed to disappear.

This time last we had our first “Free run”
For the dogs
A “Free run” is where you take the dogs to a park or wood or something whre they can be off lead and harness and just be dogs. They can meet other dogs, sniff until their heart’s content, roll around and generally just be dogs. That first free run was a complete nightmare! Ushi took about 10 minutes to get into the park because she was pulling so much. I had to keep getting her to sit and wait loads. Thankfully now i have the
Which makes me excited to take Ushi on a free run as I know that she will be calm and won’t pull so that we are both ready to just enjoy relaxing while she runs around.

I still do the same things i was taught a year ago lol with her. I still have someone with me though just in case.

That was all we did. We had the rest of the day off.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Another Carnival

Third Assistance Dog Blog Carnival
Has been posted. That link will hopefully take you to the post I wrote for this edition.

This months host was
The Trouble is….
You can
Check out the other submissions
Here. I hope you enjoy! I’m surprised we haven’t ran out of topics yet!

The 3rd Assistance Dog Blog Carnival:Reactions To The Halty

I wasn’t going to participate in this carnival this month, but then I thought of a good post. This time, the carnival is being hosted by
The Trouble Is
I’ve never read her blog, but thought i’d contribute anyway. The topic for this month is “reactions”. This is quite a hard topic, and I thought about putting up the reaction to
Ushi being attacked,
But then thought that I would write about something else. So here goes.

Oh, by the way,
Here is the link
For the post about the carnival.

I use a
Sometimes with Ushi. This sort of looks like the head part of a horses bridle. It has a clip that you clip onto the collar, and the lead can clip on to it. It also straps around the back of her head. She hates having it on, but I use it for taking her to the vets as she would pull you along to get out of there, when i’m meeting other guide dogs as she wants to play and becomes very hard to handle, or when doing a free run. This is basically where the dog gets to be a dog for an hour or two, and she can run around and sniff until her little heart is content. If she knows that she is near a park or field where she knows that she can run around, she would pull uncontrolably. The Halty calms her down and she walks just calmly whilst i am being guided. (She hardly moves when working with it on).

The halty doesn’t hurt Ushi at all, and it is not a muzzle. She can still open her mouth and that.

The first time I had any bother with the halty was at one of the fundraising meetings I would attend. One of the people there were like “what is that thing around her nose?”. (I had it on because there were other guide dogs, but i take it off as soon as she gets into a “down”.). I explained that it was a Halty, and stops her pulling. That seemed to satisfy the person. At the last meeting I went to, alot of the other volunteers commented. “do you not like having your muzzle thing on?” was one comment. This really annoyed me. The Halty is not a muzzle and will never be. Plus why the hell would I need to muzzle my guide dog? I felt as if I was being cruel to Ushi then. The other comments I got were along the lines of “do you not like getting your “head harness thing” on?”. Those comments didn’t annoy me too much, but the “muzzle” one really irked me!

Maybe I was over reacting, but I just felt terrible after that. I have now got to the point where I even explain to the receptionists at the vets what the Halty is and that it is to stop her pulling!

Have any of you other Halty users ever had these problems?

This has been my submission for the third assistance dog blog carnival. I hope you have enjoyed it. I think the deadline for posts is the 25th April? But i’m not too sure. Hopefully someone can correct me on when it is.

Happy writing!