Police Update

I was beginning to wonder when the police would contact me again regarding the dog attack a couple of weeks ago. I had thought they had forgotten about me!

Well today I got a call from the police. They explained that they went round to the owners house, and apparently he was away somewhere else. The police said he was on drugs because when they were talking to him, his eyes were all over the place. They said that the owner said that he “just took the dog in” or something like that. The dog warden then called round and he said it wasn’t his, so the warden took it as a stray. The police also said that there were two or three other men in the house, which could make it even harder for the police or dog warden to know who owned the house.

A few members of the public who saw the attack said that when they saw the owner with it, it was regularly out of control and that the owner apparently beat it and all. They didn’t want to come forward though because of the type of guy he is apparently, and they didn’t want any repercussions if they did come forward.

The police said that while they can’t actually charge him with anything, he will now be known to them and the dog warden if he does get another dog. I was a bit worried in case he got another dog, but they said that even if the owner said that he owned the dog that he would be prosicuted if it didn’t have a licence. They said they would be keeping an eye on him, and at least the other dog is off the streets.

I was a little disappointed that they didn’t charge him or anything, but at least they are aware of him and will take action if he does anything else. I suppose that’s a good thing.

So the police aren’t taking my statement because there wouldn’t really be a point if he isn’t being charged. I just hope he doesn’t get another dog, and that if he does, that it is caught before it harms another persons dog, or Ushi!

Anyway on to the rest of today.

Yesterday I worked Ushi again after I had worked her in the morning. I thought that because it was such a nice evening, that it would be nice just to do a walk. Ushi didn’t agree with me though. She just dawdled along, and threatened to stop at one point. I just told her to “get on with it”, and then when that didn’t work, I told her to “Hop up”. I wasn’t taught that command, but thought i’d just experiment and see if it worked. She was a star the rest of the way! She did get a bit distracted by kids though, but I just kept telling her to “pay attention” while making sure she walked on at a normal speed.

Today I didn’t work her in the day, but just in the evening again. There were more kids about today, and the first group we passed were like “Keep going, keep going!”. Then another was like “she knows where she is going”. I heard a dog across the road so didn’t hang about to thank them although I know I should have. When I did cross the road, the kids that came over to me after the attack were in front of me. I heard one of them say “can you keep the dog interested so it doesn’t go for that other dog?”. (obviously me and Ushi). I wasn’t taking any chances, so stopped and asked them where the dog was. They were just like “it’s just a tiney wee thing”. I wasn’t satisfied, so asked them again and explained that Ushi was attacked a couple of weeks ago. They were like “Yeah i know, that was our dog.”. What the hell do you say to that? Anyway I asked them again where the dog was. Eventually they said that it was further on up. I said that hopefully it wouldn’t go for Ushi, and they said that it was no where near me, and that it was scared of Ushi. I went on my way hoping that the kids were right, and that they weren’t lying or anything. Thankfully no dog came at us or anything.

We had a couple more “kid distractions” along the way, but nothing major. At one point though these kids started barking at Ushi. Naturally that made her look, so I said to them that she was working. They just giggled, and did it again. I then explained again that she was working and that I didn’t want them doing that. When it happened again, i was getting pritty annoyed. One of them came up to me and asked “why do you were that hat?”. I explained that it was warm, so I was wearing it to protect me from the sun. They then barked again. One of them then said to me “no offence but are you blind?”. I said that I was, and then they whispered something and went away. Crazy kids! The rest of our walk went without a hitch.

I hope the weather continues so I can start working Ushi twice a day again!

We are having a problem with the route into town though as there are road works along it. They have even moved some of my crossing points! It’s gonna be confusing when we work it again! I guess it’s the church route all this week unfortunately as I don’t know when they will be re tarring the road. I’m seriously bored of that route!

Before I go, I must congratulate
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