May Fest Final Day

Yesterday morning was a very tired morning for both of us since we’d been up chatting for half the night before. I had a full irish breakfast this morning. Well Sausage, egg and toast lol. We just hung around the room until about 1 o’clock when i checked out and headed to Yoostan station where we were meeting for a 6 mile walk. I was in two minds about going on the walk though as it was meant to pour all day and i didn’t have my Wellies, and Ushi had worked pretty hard over the past couple of days. I decided to give the walk a go anyway and see how we got on.

At about a quarter to 2, everyone else who were going to do the walk joined us. There were about 13 of us altogether. First of all, everyone was paired with a guide who needed one. I said that Ushi and i would just walk along behind as long as someone told us which direction to turn when the time came. I explained that i would need a guide when Ushi was free running though and they said that was grand. Unfortunately, i should have left my bags at the Maples, but i thought that because i had checked out, i couldn’t do that. We were all given bottles of water and off we set.

We walked from Yoostan station along to Feenix park, where Ushi had a lovely free run while we were there. We then went down past Ashtown train station where we checked to see if anyone was joining us from there to do a shorter route, but nobody seemed to be there. We stopped off at a little pub called the Halfway house for a loo break and water for Ushi. We then carried on and eventually ended up at the National Counscil for the blinds head quarters where a nice spread of sandwiches and tea was put on for us. The walk was about 6 miles altogether. I’m glad i went in the end and Ushi was up for it too which was good.

Unfortunately it was time for home after that. I headed off in a taxi to Connolly again and was put on the Enterprize back to Belfast.

I was so glad i decided to go down to May fest in the end. I found people were extremely friendly. Dublin seems like a very nice city to get around. Everything seemed pretty central. They have an extremely good public transport system. Plus people seem to give you sensible directions to anywhere. People seem very guide dog aware too. I had just the right amount of help, without being over the top. Even at the Maples, i was offered just the right amount of help.

I would like to thank everyone for such a fantastic time. I have exchanged my details with people and hopefully we can keep in touch. I may be back next year 🙂 i wished i’d stayed for an extra day, but i had a meeting to go to, so had to come home last night. I can’t wait for next year :). Who knows, i may have more adventures down in Dublin.

Last Day:(!

It was my last day at the Cedar Foundation today, unfortunately!!!

Well, i was teaching a man how to use the internet. We explored some ways we each got around a web page, and he also told me some things i didn’t know about Internet Explorer.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He also showed me the
Kurzweil Scanning Systim
which i had never used. So today was a learning process for both of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The IT officer wanted me to proof read some braille. We were trying to see what would work. We scanned a document in to Kurzweil, and embossed it straight from there. This didn’t work very well. I think we would have to scan in the document, put it in to Microsoft Word, and then do it from there. We will try that idea out when i am doing my work experience.

I would just like to say a big big thank you, first of all, to the Cedar Foundation for having me, and to the two people i helped. You were both excellent. Good luck with your typing courses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a pleasure to help. Hopefully see you again!

As i’ve mentioned in all of these posts, i had a really wonderful time. Thanks again!