First Day Of Guide Dog Class

I am currently sitting in my room chilling waiting for my dinner. So I thought i would just write up the blog.

I got up at about half 8. My rehab worker wasn’t coming until after 10, but my brother was coming over, so I wanted to see him before I went.

I got picked up at about half 10. I think it was about 11 o’clock when we arrived. We first of all went through the route both to and from reception out to the spending pen. I managed that alright, which was good.

We met the other rehab worker of our team, and the two guide dog mobility instructors who will be here. The other client was going to come around 12 o’clock, so I hadn’t met him yet.

On the way up from reception to the run, I thought that one of the guide dog mobility instructors had spoke to me, so I was all ready to start up a conversation lol.

We stopped in our “Lounge” for a while, while everyone got sorted out. Man, that is so comfy. We have nice sofas and all, which makes it feel really relaxed.

Shortly after this, the other client arrived. There are only two of us here at the minute, as another client is only going to come for the days sessions. I chatted to him for a while, before going to explore my room.

My room is quite comfy. As you go in the door, there is the wardrobe on the left, and the bathroom is on the right. Next on the left is a table with all the tea making facilities, such as cups, and a kettle and that. on the shelf below that is an ironing board and an iron. Next on the left is a big massive desk where my laptop is currently. Beside that is the TV, and then we have the beds. There is a single bed and a double bed. Maybe that second bed is just for when you get lucky down in the restaurant or the bar? Lol only joking, of course. That was pritty much all there was to the room. Oh, and we have been given an alarm clock and a CD player for our time while we are in the room.

In the bathroom we have a dog bowl, waterbowl, and some towels that we might need for when we get our dogs.

I sat and chilled for about 10 minutes, and started to unpack some of my stuff. My rehab worker went down to sort out what way the internet would work. I have been given an Ethernet cable, which just plugs into the back of the laptop.

We went back to the lounge after exploring the layout of my room, just to chat and that.

Me and my rehab worker then went back to my room to set up the internet. It was quite easy really. All you had to do was to plug the cable in, and then choose the location of the network. Like we chose the “Public” location, for example. I played about on the computer for a while just making sure that i could get the internet and that.

We also went down to see where our table was for when we would be eating lunch.

After this was lunch. We were in the “bar” part of the hotel. This was like a really chilled coffee shop. We would eat our lunch here most days, but we wouldn’t be eating something massive. I decided to have a chicken sandwich which was good. I talked alot to the guide dog mobility instructor and that over lunch. She said that it wasn’t an exam or anything, and that they were here to help us work with the dogs. I just had to make sure that I wouldn’t get shouted at or anything if something bad happened. She said that it was okay to make mistakes, and that it will just depend on each day what kind of day we would have.

It was back up to the “lounge” after this.

We then started looking at the layout of the hotel without our canes. I crapped myself at the thought of this. This was because we wouldn’t be using our canes really that much with the dogs. We would just be having the dogs on leads, and walking around the hotel like that. We wouldn’t be working the dog though indoors yet. It felt really scarey at first doing it, but once I got used to it, it felt okay. I compared it to moving around your house, cause after all, you wouldn’t be using your cane around the house. I was worried in case i couldn’t find my room, and my rehab worker had put a little sticker under the card slot, just to make doubly sure I would find it alright. It is the last door before you come to a big open space, so I probably won’t even need the sticker. It was just nice though to have that.

When we decided to go down to the reception without the cane, I went the wrong direction. I was able to correct myself which was good.

We then went back to the lounge, where we just chilled some more, and i got shown the layout of it.

We then went down to see where the swimming pool and gym are. They are down some stairs, so you have to be careful. The stairs were really twisty lol. At the bottom of these stairs, if you went straight on, you would find the swimming pool area, and if you went left, you would find the beauty salon. We just went straight on to the swimming pool area. It had a really windy coridor to it. The changing rooms were on one side, and there were two gyms on the other side. When we got to the bottom of this corridor, we found the reception part. If I do want to go swimming, I will get shown around the ladies changing rooms and that, and the other client said that he might have a swim sometime, so I might join him. I wouldn’t want to be the only one going swimming lol.

I went up to the lounge again after that.

Before my rehab worker left, he showed me where our table would be in the main restaurant which is the one we have breakfast and dinner in. Basically you come in the door, and then find the end of the wall. Then you turn your feet to roughly one o’clock, and then go straight from there. I kept missing this angle though, and then couldn’t find the table. Eventually I got it though. Although when I was going out of the restaurant, I wasn’t sure where to go. So I turned right instead of left. My rehab worker asked me where I was, and I said that it was as i thought the swimming pool area. It turned out to be reception. I had just gone the wrong direction. I soon got that corrected though.

I chilled for about an hour then after that, just watching TV and writing this blog.

I met the other client in the lounge at about 10 to 6. He had mentioned that he had seen his dog today again. I was reeeeeeeeeeeally excited!!! I hessitantly asked if i could see Ushi, and my instructor said that after dinner I could. I was really excited! It wasn’t for long, just for about half an hour.

So for dinner I had “chicken supreme” only without cabbage and tomatoes which it came with. I couldn’t really decide on what to have, but i am glad i went for this choice. It was gorgious.

After dinner, I was tempted to have a hot chocolate fudge cake and icecream. That didn’t really take alot of persuation lol. It was gorgious! The waitor had found out that it was my birthday, so they put a nice candle in it, and my guide dog mobility instructor and the other rehab worker who were staying the night sang happy birthday. I thought it was nice. And the fudge cake was gorgious! Sometimes they can be very heavy, but this was just perfect.

It was upstairs after this. I didn’t know the restaurant door was open, so kind of tripped up a little “lip” which was part of the change of surface out of the restaurant. I caught my arm on the door though, as i tripped. Probably wasn’t using the old faithful cane propperly lol.

I couldn’t wait to get up to my room!

My instructor braught Ushi in for me to have a cuddle of. She was just telling me to just keep talking to her, and just to give her a stroke. The instructor got her sitting for me, while she just slipt out. She immediatly got up, and started pacing around the room. She let out a couple of whines, then just lay down under the table. I couldn’t find her though so had to crawl around on my hands and knees lol as i didn’t want to stand on her lol. She then got up again and wondered around for a bit. I was kind of scared though, just in case i wasn’t doing the right thing, or anything. I still had that little doubt saying if i was really ready, but i think as time goes on, I will become more ready to handle her and that. My instructor came back at about half 9.

Now i’m just sitting here writing this blog. It has been a long day, but I am anxious to see what the next few days will bring!

Tomorrow will be just doing work with the short handle harness, and then at some point we will get our doggies.

I can’t wait, and hopefully I find nothing to worry about between now and then!

Thank you so far for the nice comments, and sorry again for not replying. They are all still much appreciated, so keep them coming! Right now, bedtime is a calling.