Media Coverage For Talking Busses

At the end of March, I met with the
Minister for regional development
But i didn’t think much of it and thought he was just saying the right things. I thought that was the end of it, however guide dogs had launched their report on bus travel for the visually impaired called “the road to nowhere”. I can’t be bothered looking up the link for that.

I was out on Monday when i got a call from the media guy at guide dogs. Apparently
BBC newsline
Wanted to pick up the story and wanted to know if someone would be available to do a short interview the next day. guide dogs had decided that i would be a good candidate as i was only recently taking busses on my own. So me and Ushi headed up to belfast.

It was orriginally going to be that i would be filmed getting off the bus, but the bbc people were late. When they got there we took a few pictures of me on the bus then getting off, then walking into the station. We then sat down in one of the many caffes to do the interview. I was amazed at the amount of kit they had with them! Ushi just lay down the whole time looking bored apparently. After the interview was over though she wanted to sit up when they wanted another shot of her lying down!

They were lovely people and couldn’t have been any nicer. I was shown on Wednesday nights program. They also interviewed another guide dog owner. The amount of people who’ve stopped me in the street to say they watched it is mad!

My uncle wanted a copy of the clip to keep. So the searching began for the video. I had to email the bbc and they posted it again, but i couldn’t find out how to download it! I now know it goes into your actual downloads folder. I don’t know why i didn’t think of that. We also found this
BBC version
*I had posted a youtube link, but was alerted today that that had been taken down because the account was terminated. Rather strange. I’m not sure how long the bbc version will still be around for*.
Which was much better. So my uncle now has a copy he can watch until his hearts content. What a palarva it was to find it though! I was so worried he wouldn’t get to see it.

I’d just like to thank the bbc for wanting to cover it. Let’s hope the minister sees it!