More New Blogs

I was recently just browsing through
Our guide dogs facebook page
As one does, when I came across a new blog.
Kevin And His Dog Immagin
Are just starting out on their guide dog journey. In fact, he is only on his second day of training. The best thing is he is local! I think he would really appreciate some support on his journey with his first dog :).

The other blog isn’t local, but she is from the UK.
Mel Spooner
Is on her second or third guide dog, but her entries are quite informative.

I just thought i’d share these!

A Couple Of New Starts

I’ve just came across a couple of blogs that you might find interesting. The first one was introduced to me by
And the other one is being done on our
Facebook Page

Is training with her first guide dog I think. She is called “flow”. I think she is training in america somewhere.

The other blog is by a girl called Vicky who is starting training with her first guide dog Ivy tomorrow. She is training with our team. She is writing a blog like I did on class.

So if any of you have facebook, pay a visit to our facebook page and wish Vicky luck.

I hope training goes well for both Debra and Flow, and Vicky and Ivy!