Two Months With Vivvy

In my last post, i had written about how i had just qualified with Vivvy. Things have been ticking along rather nicely with her and we have been working together for two months exactly. We will be qualified two months on the 12th of February.

Since i last wrote, we have done quite a lot together. We have been all around my home town, gradually getting used to the busyness of the main town centre as well as quieter routes like block routes. She has also been registered with the vets who were dying to meet Vivvy and were asking about Ushi and how she was getting on.

We have taken a few train journeys up to Belfast

And again, she has coped really well with this.

We tackled yoga a couple weeks ago and again, everyone loves having her in the class. She lies down nicely too after the initial excitement. I am still keeping her attached to something at the minute just until i can trust that she won’t dive on someone to lick them during the class. I bring a piece of vet-bed with me and she chills on that while we do the class.

We have attended a few meetings now and she lies down quietly which is what i expect.

I have had her out on many free runs where she gets to be a dog off the lead and her recall is great unless there is a dog with a ball and then she becomes totally fixated on that. We met up with a friend whos’ dog loves balls too and we had to put it away eventually as she really would not stop running after the ball. Because of her ball obsession, i thought that tennis would be extremely difficult if not impossible with her but thankfully she has proved me wrong. She does show some initial interest, but eventually she just curls up and doesn’t care about the balls bouncing all around her. This really is fantastic as i was really worried in case she couldn’t be around the balls and thought she might have had to stay with reception at the leisure centre which i was quite reluctant to be doing in the first place. I honestly needn’t have worried.

In the short time i have had her, i have noticed a massive increase

In her confidence levels. She will now confidently push in to me if we need to move over on the pavement rather than walking so close to the kerb on our matching visit that she fell off. This is brilliant to see. She absolutely loves showing me crossings, even if we don’t want or need them. This is probably more to do with the fact that she gets a treat at crossing boxes though. She is very good at remembering where places are and can sometimes anticipate a little. I still prefer to be giving her the directions though as i don’t think you should just say to your dog where you want to go and switch off. Yes, you can switch off a little, but i think you should always be the sat-nav of the partnership.

Her spending routine is fantastic. She will usually do both busies before we leave the house and can go all day if needed until we get home again. She goes on both concrete and grass which means i have more options if i am out and she does need to go. If she does get caught short, she will try to go up an alleyway or something as she does not like to do it in harness. This really is brilliant as i wouldn’t want a dog who would just stop and go although i know some dogs do and the owners just pick it up and carry on.

When i first got her, she would bark if she heard a sound that she wasn’t sure of or if someone was at the door. Thankfully, i have got the barking down to one bark maybe once a week if even. I did not want this to develop in to barking at every little sound. Thankfully she responded well to me telling her to be quiet when she did it but i need to get in there just before the sound takes place or as someone knocks the door, for example. This does work well most of the time.

When i first went to put her harness on, she would lower down quite dramatically. Once it was on, she was grand, but she didn’t like the initial act of the harness going on over her head. I had to experiment quite a lot as to how to put it on. If i put it on from above, she nearly lay down flat so i have to put it on nearly from in front of her. She does lower slightly this way, but it is nowhere near as bad as when i first put it on. Now, i don’t even need a treat as it goes over her head. I just give her belly a rub and she is as happy as Larry then. This is much handier for both of us as we are just getting it on without any messing as the longer i took to put it on, the lower she would go.

The only thing she really doesn’t like is traffic on her left side, particularly lorries and busses. She will push me very hard to the right if a lorry or bus goes past us, but i am not making a big deal out of it and just telling her “good girl” but carrying on as if nothing has happened. Some days this is worse than others, and sometimes she backs up from crossings if a bus is passing. Again i go with her, praise her as sometimes busses can be very close to the kerb, then we go forward again to the crossing. This seems to work for now, and again i am not making too much out of it as i don’t want this sensitivity to develop further.

Her social behaviour is impecable but we do have to work on keeping all paws on the floor when somebody strokes her. This is a work in progress, particularly with people she knows, but we are getting there. Overall we are doing brilliantly and won’t be seen again by Guide dogs for another 6 weeks unless we have any problems.

Vivvy really couldn’t be any more different to Ushi if she tried. She is a lively little character out of harness with a toy with bags of personality but she will knuckle down when i need her to and she takes her work super seriously. I can’t wait to see how the next few months pan out with her and i really do think we’ll make a great team.