Womens’ Aid

Today I was at Womens Aid. I wasn’t at the refuge. I was at the resource centre.

I got there at about ten to 11. I didn’t start until eleven. Again, I got plently of information.

I found out that it isn’t actually social workers who work there, but they do get referrals from social workers. Well I found out that they provide a place for women and children to go if they have been suffering from domestic violence. They run courses for both mothers and children. They aim to provide support for women, but want them to live independently and be able to get out of the violent relationship. They attend courte with women, provide community support for women in their own home, provide courses on how children can manage their feelings and not be a bully, and run courses for women suffering from low self esteme.

It was good. Again, I don’t know if I would like to work for this organisation.

Well it’s back to school on Monday. Wish i was going on work experience for 2 weeks!!!!! Cause it went in far too quickly!!!

Change Of Plan For Today

I was meant to be going to Holywell hospital today, but i am not going on that placement because i have no transport and public transport is complicated from where i’m at. This is not my fault. It’s a days worth of work experience wasted though.
Hopefully tomorrow (4 December) will go okay. It should do.

Work Experience Update….

In a post
a couple of Months Ago
I posted about my work experience and how I was looking for help. Well, I am going from the 3rd December to the 7th. God, that’s Monday!

I am going to
Holywell Hospital,
The Braid Valley Hospital,
The Cedar Foundation
Women’s Aid
I am going to be a very busy bee indeed!!! I am going to so many places because 1) I want to experience a range of different fields, and 2) Because of the confidentiality issue I can’t go to a lot of fields.

I have no idea what I will be doing. I can’t wait. I will keep you all posted. Wish me luck!