Course Confusion

A while back, I wrote about how i wasn’t sure what
To do next year. I was talking about the text processing course, but i still don’t think i’m going to get much from that.

I emailed my mentor who i had for
The GCSE Maths
And the Essential skills ICT course. I told him about what i was considering. I only did this since i was asked what i wanted to do next year by the IT officer in
The Cedar Foundation
Anyway, the IT officer said that he had to do qualifications for working in ICT, but he wasn’t sure what they were, since it was a number of years ago that he had done it.

Here’s where the confusion starts. My mentor said that i could either do an access course, which would take two years at the college. With this, you need to pick 3 subjects i think it is, and then you do those, and it’s equivalent to three A levels. My mentor says it’s alot of work though.

After this course, i would need to do a
Post Graduate Certificate In Education
(PGCE). This would last a year. This could also be done through the college. I would also need 60 hours of teaching, with a class of sighted people. My mentor says that he was assessed as he was teaching.

The only thing is, i would need a C in GCSE maths, and i got a D in mine. I don’t fancy doing the GCSE again!!!! Hate maths. Teaching the sighted people sounds scarey too.

There is also the option of me doing an accredited course by
Freedom Scientific
Who are the makers of JAWS, but i would need to have that teaching course first. Plus, it’s £1000 for the course, because you have to travel and that, and i’m certainly not ready for that!!!!

The other thing i could do would be computer programming. Well not computer programming, but programming for the assistive technology. But would i not need alot of maths and that? Plus it sounds rather complicated!!!!

I’m not sure what to do at all.
mentioned a scheme that i could use for paid work. It is called
Which stands for “Ulster Support Employment Limmited”. I think it supports people to get into work, by putting you in contact with places that you would like to work in. I might email them and see what the craic is. Although they will probably want to know about qualifications and such.

So i’m in a bit of a pickle really. A small part of me doesn’t really want to studdy this year, and just focus on maybe becoming a bit more independent?

So yeah, i’m rather confused and don’t really know what to do. My mentor has suggested that i write down a list of things i want to do and go from there. I will have to have a hard think about that one. I don’t think i’ll do that tonight though.

Any thoughts, etc would be great. I wish there was a qualification for assistive technology or something, but i don’t think there is.

It’s back to the drawing board I think…